looking for..

Hi, I’m looking for a good yoyo to take me through the basic to advanced tricks on this site. Can a few of you recommend a good yoyo? And any accessories I should look into.

YYJ classic, some polyester strings, (kitty string and the YYE brand are good for buying in bulk) thick Yoyo lube, 19 mm response pads, and a wide bearing. are generally what you need to get through the basic tricks. The last two things I listed are optional but, if you really want to get into yoyoing, then that’s what you should get.

The yoyojam classic is a full size low walled responsive yoyo. The response pads don’t have to be changed since they’re rubber O-rings and since it’s responsive it does not require a bind ot bring it back to your hand.

When you’ve advanced a little and are ready to learn how to bind I suggest getting a speedaholic. It has a heavier weight so it sleeps well and a wide body to make hitting strings easier.

Those 2 will get you extremely far. I personally don’t see the point in upgrading the classic since it gets rid of your only responsive yoyo and for $5 more you can have another yoyo instead.

String wise you just need anything that’s 100% polly since it lasts longer and performs better with modern yoyos. As for the lube you’ll want thin lube since thick lube makes the yoyo very responsive.

Thick lube is generally used for 2a or looping style yoyos.

Thank you for the information, I was looking at the velocity yoyo and was wondering if you had any thoughts on whether this is a good yoyo to use? Or should I buy 2 different ones as you have suggested.

2 different great ones is better than 1 ok one. I feel the velocity has too many parts and maintenance for most people. It also has a lot of centerweight that affects performance

Would the Dark Magic 2 not be a good choice?

I hate to say this, but No. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent throw, but for $45, The DM2 has been completely outclassed by the budget metals like the Shutter and Too Hot.

Sparhawk’s got it right. the best set-up to begin is a yyj Classic, and a C3 Speedaholic. All your bases covered for around $25.

I completely agree that 2 yo-yos are better than one. So that’s what I’m going to go for. Once I save up some spare change to get all I need. Thanks again for the help, definitely will let you guys know when I get them.

I think that the yyj classic is still the best beginner yoyo, it’s cheap, good quality, and can take you really far

No. No no no.

if you consciously want a high wall then go for it lol

i started with a yoyojam legacy and i have learnt into advanced tricks it was harder than if i got a more responsive yoyo so i suggest a yoyojam legacy 3 it comes with a slim bearing which makes it responsive and a faster bearing which turns it into a whole new yoyo.

So I got some money, but before I purchased the speedoholic, I just want to make sure that no one else has any recommendations for a unresponsive yoyo that will take me through the intermediate to advanced part 1 and 2. If there is no other recommendations, than the yyj classic and c3 speedoholic is what I’ll be getting. Just so everyone knows I can a bind. I’m just looking for the best possible unresponsive yoyo that I can grow with. A yoyo I don’t have to worry about replacing to progress.

There’s lots of great unresponsive yoyos. The Speedaholic is great for it’s price point but the diffusion is a better unresponsive yoyo I’d think overall:

There’s always metal throws as an option too:

Shutter http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1049/YYF-Shutter

Good enough for the World Champion, good enough for YOU! :slight_smile:

Okay, so… I can’t decide on whether I should get the YYJ Surge or C3 Speedaholic.
I know sparhawk suggested the Speedaholic, as well as the Diffusion. But I was wondering if anyone could give me some pro’s and cons between the two. By looking at the stats between the two, it seems like the surge would be better. But with me having very little knowledge on yoyo’s. I can’t tell. Does having more weight better? I really like the Diffusion that was recommended, but I only have so much money I can spend. sadly.

In my OP the Speedaholic is way better in production quality and really everything else. I’m bias though because I can’t trust YYJ

The surge is actually another yoyo I considered mentioning. Unlike the speedaholic or classic it has a more organic shape with a lot more weight to make it pretty stable. The speedaholic isn’t the most stable yoyo in the world but it makes up for it with the overall performance. I think by the time you’re done with the classic you will like the speedaholic more than the surge. It’s all up to you though. Both are great yoyos and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either way you go. Another option as well is the yoyofactory onestar which is light and fast compared to the other 2 mentioned but all 3 come stock unresponsive unless you specifically select a different kind.

Go for what looks best to you and you’re gonna be happy. They’re all good.

Also want to note that if you ever get into horizontal play the surge is not going to be as good as the other 2 however it would make an overall better 5a yoyo.

I went ahead and ordered the surge, as they were all out of the speedaholic. But its okay. Can’t wait to get it. I can’t wait to use it to progress onwards with the tutorial videos.