I'm new and I would like some advice.

Hi all,
In 2015 I would like to learn Yo-Yo:-)
I have trawled the forum and I have done some idea on my first purchase, but I still need some clarification:

  1. First purchase after reading the various reviews will be:
    A Lyn-Fury and a Velocity. Because I will make an order in England (I live in Italy), I would like to make an order that I suffice for a while of time.
    I varied enough with these two types of yo-yo? Even if they are plastic, I thought that maybe the first I can break almost immediately against something.
    And I should wait another order to return to play, and then I read that having two yoyo “different” helps to learn.

  2. Strings. Who says 50% poly and 50% cotton, those 100% poly. There should be no major differences in the beginning, right? I buy the cheapest?
    I read that the Henrys are recommended, but I found them only 6 pieces. Does a skein of 100 different brand, right?
    I read that the color must be fluorescent yellow.
    If I take both the Lyn-Fury both Velocity and wanted the rolls of 100, I saw that there are both the YoyoJam both YoyoFactory.
    But they are not obliged to take two rolls of 100, for a brand to match the brand with the model, right?
    The measure, which I saw for beginners advised an 8, but I have only found six.

  3. For the velocity, must also buy the pads, how many will be used to carry on a six months? I do not I will play 3 hours a day.
    Other tips on what to buy for the maintenance of the Velocity?

  4. For the Fury I read of Shims, they serve immediately, or later?

For now these are my doubts, thanks to those who find the time to read and answer me!

Firstly, welcome to YYE :slight_smile: The Lyn Fury and Velocity are both good yo-yos but very similar and I’m not sure you’d be well served by getting both. Personally I’d go with the Velocity because the response level can be easily adjusted.

Are you a complete beginner? Do you plan on learning “responsive” tricks (where the yo-yo returns to your hand with a tug) or are you going to skip and go directly to “unresponsive” where you need a bind return?

Strings - I would go with whatever is cheapest for you to get, 50/50 or 100% poly are both fine for beginners and brand is really irrelevant. Buy 100 and don’t even think about string again until you run out.

You won’t need to replace the Velocity pads for quite a while, since you can just dial up the response slightly if they get too worn. Order pads when you need them, but you’ll probably outgrow the Velocity before the pads need replacing.

If you do get the Lyn Fury, shims will make the string gap wider but again you can do that already with the Velocity.

The lyn fury is a pretty old yoyo, and while it is still a great yoyo, I think that the YYJ Classic, which is much newer, is a better yoyo for starters and for experienced players. That is what I would recommend. I don’t think it really matters to use different yoyos when you are starting, but it can’t hurt. Having two different yoyos to switch between is fun, and you may be right.

strings: get a 100 pack from yoyoexpert. 50-50 or all polyester is your choice. Pros mostly use poly, but I think 50-50 might be more responsive.

Thanks Chimera of your welcome and your detailed response.
I am totally a beginner, the yoyo that I will buy soon will be my first yoyo.
So I do not know what I like to do and if I’ll enjoy to learn to use it.
But I would try to start :slight_smile:

Thanks Philip for your advice.
The Fury is old, but I always read that it was recommended to a newbie.
However, the YYJ Classic, I like a lot.

I’m waiting other advice, and then I will decide.
Thanks again to both!

For an absolute beginner the F.A.S.T 201 is a very good choice.
And on a side not I do not recommend Henry’s strings, although Henry’s is a good company their strings are not very good. And you cannot get them on YoYoExpert anyways.

If you’re set on buying 2 yo-yos, then as Philip said the YoyoJam Classic is a great choice for a beginner. Really don’t think too much about it, get your 2 yo-yos and some string and have fun learning the basics. If you enjoy it, you will buy more yo-yos as you progress. Everyone decides at some point they want a metal yo-yo, it’s inevitable :slight_smile:

is the lyn fury discontinued
just wonderung

I also stand behind the Yoyojam Classic as the best beginner choice yoyo. It’s full size and runs with rubber o-rings as the response so they do not need to be replaced. It’s very durable and much more modern than the Fury.

Personally I think the velocity has too many parts for beginners and think the classic is the better choice. If you really wanted 2 yoyos get yourself an unresponsive throw. I’d recommend the yoyofactory onestar or speedaholic. You’ll want to play the Classic first to learn the basics but the others will make later tricks easier.

As for string any 100% polly string will work with any yoyo. It typically performs better than the cotton or blend strings available.

I started with the Lyn Fury and it was a great start but it was limited. Since then YYJ had come out with the classic. If you purchase the Classic be sure to get the bearing upgrade kit. This way you can start out with a responsive yoyo and change to unresponsive when you are ready. Pads last a long time so you probably can wait on them. As far as strings go YYE’s 50/50 is a good place to start and a package of 100 is inexpensive. All of this carry budget pricing and is a good place to start. Of course this all depends on availability and shipping cost to your country.
Good luck and have fun.

Thank you guys!
This forum is fantastic!
After your advice I decided.
I will buy a YYJ Classic, and a SpeedAholic (I like its design).

@hobbyman101 I can’t find the upgrade kit for the Classic as you told me. What should I look for?

Strings, I’ll buy a pack of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.
There isn’t written the brand.
They’re T6, the only measure that I found.

I will buy in a European shop least I’m sure of the final price, If I bought in the US, I could run into any customs duty that would increase the price to me.

Thanks again!

You’ll love both of them, currently they both hold my top favorite plastics of all time(sorry yeti and rally, you are unloved by Logan).

Here is the upgrade kit for your new classic.

This will make it the best plastic beast yoyo of all time(IMO)
It will take you as far as you want to go on your yoyo journey untill you learn thumb grinds and fingerspins.

Good luck.

You want a euro shop, I forgot.
Find some yoyojam pads and a C sized bearing and buy them.
You’ll be set for life(not really, but you’ll be close)

I seem to remember YYJ have a kit that has a Bearing Size C .250 x .500 x .187 and a pair of silicone response pads.

Since you are buying the speedaholic you do not need the upgrade kit unless you want to also make the Classic unresponsive as well. Keep in mind that the T6 is a blend of 50% poly and 50% cotton per string. Not that you will be getting 1 or the other. The cotton in the string tends to cause string burn easier and break more often. That’s why I mentioned to go with 100% polyester string.

Keep in mind that unresponsive yoyos require a bind return to bring them back to your hand since they are not as grippy. Examples can be seen here:

or he could have just bought a YYF velocity and killed 2 birds with one stone… :-\

Ok, thanks sparhawk, now I’ve understand! :slight_smile:
Yes, it makes no sense to make the classic as the speedaholic.
Ok, I’ll buy strings 100% polyester.
Thanks again, you have been very kind and very helpfull !!

Thanks abby1371, but my idea from the starting was the purchase 2 yoyos.
Thanks anyway!

Jhb8426 excuse me, if I have written in the wrong section!

Last question:
For speedaholic I have to buy a pair of pads and o-rings?
These are fine?
What color do I have to choose?
Each color has different performance.
Thanks again!

No problem. Happens all the time.

Speedaholic comes stock with it’s own pads
The silicone rings will not fit properly but if you want a backup set you can use any of the colors for the pads. If you scroll down it tells you what the different colors do. Natural is of course my normal choice since it lasts the longest.

Hello everyone,
me again:-)
I contacted the store to buy my new yo-yo.
Unfortunately both the speedahoolic and the Classic are sold out.
But the owner wrote me a long e-mail trying to solve my doubts. Very kind.
The alternatives are:
YYF onestar Ann Connolly (I like that)
Yoyorecreation Diffusion (Fairly expensive and I do not particularly like)
YYJ Xcon PRO (Beautiful but very expensive)
What do you think?
You have other options?

For strings, it is recommended only a pack of 10, 100% polyester, size 6.

Pads and o-ring for the moment nothing.

And only a yo-yo.

The One comes stock responsive and the onestar is stock unresponsive so those would be your best options.