Help me choose a yoyo please!

Im a beginner yoyoer and i want to buy a yoyo that will last me for a long time so i dont have to buy a new one until i get really good. i heard that the journey and kickside are good beginner yoyos. i already kno basic tricks like the sleeper, walk the dog, gravitypull, foward pass, etc. which yoyo should i buy? is there another yoyo anyone recomends that isnt too expensive?

The Velocity, Kickside, or Lyn Fury will probably be the best for you. All of them are good yo-yos, but the one you should get will depend on your personal preference and what you’d like in a yo-yo.

Lyn Fury would be good. It is a Good begginger but you could use it for more advanced tricks also. Maybe a Journey also. ;D

im thinking of buying a velocity is that good?

Probably the best choice.

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should i get any strings? or are the stock strings fine

You should get a 100 pack of string, because you will need to change it often. Probably once every few days when you are starting out and maybe even a couple times a day when you are experienced.

100% Polyester or 50/50 Cotton/Polyester String will be fine.

which do you prefer?

I use 100% Polyester, but I’ve never tried Slick (50/50) string. Some people say that 100% poly lasts longer, but I don’t really know. 100% poly is the most popular string used for string tricks, though.

i have to make up my mind and i think im going to go with the velocity ???

I’m a relatively new player myself. I played about 10 years ago when the Yomega clutch yoyos were big, but I didn’t do much other than sleeper/walk the dog/around the world back then, and I only played for about 6 months. I just very recently got the itch to pick yoyoing back up, and due to impatience, i went and picked up a Duncan Speed Beetle to mess around with while I waited for my YYJ Legacy to arrive.

While I love my Legacy, I’m very lucky I had a little experience under my belt. In retrospect, I wish I’d gotten the Velocity. I’ve never thrown one, but the adjustable gap will definitely make that one that will last quite a long time, probably until you’re ready to move up to something like a Dark Magic or an all metal. Being able to start 1A with some response and widening the gap as you learn more and more is something I wish I’d had when picking a yoyo back up.

I would also highly suggest a 100 pack of 100% poly strings, and some thin lube as well. You’re not going to want to order some lube by itself after you’ve started practicing, if you’re anything like me anyway, because a $5 bottle of lube will turn into a $100+ order after browsing a bit. ;D

Thanks i just ordered a yyf velocity and a ten pack of strings
I guess when my strings run out ill get the 100pack and lube.
how often should i lube it?

Get a kickside, its a best yoyo for you. :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

He (I’m assuming your a he) already ordered a Velocity which will be fine.

the F.A.S.T. 201 is the yo-yo that I first started with and I used it from Gravity Pull to Spirit Bomb on it. and the Velocity is a very good yo-yo too.

i would get the journey if your a begginer and if your really good I would get the Dark Magic or something in that range.

should I get the Dark Magic or another yo-yo.

my friend littleyoyo12 has the aquarius and it seems to be a good yoyo. but my other friend yoyoing yoyo is going to get the Big yo he says. If I were to get one which should i get?

I personally say Aquarius, because of the rubber rims. However, the Big-Yo is huge, so it will be easier to catch, and has a larger bearing, so it may spin longer. However, if you clean the Aquarius bearing, is spins forever too. Just use this and other info to make your decision.

Have Fun Throwing,


P.S: I bet Robert is gonna come in here later on to recommend the BigYo :wink:

Pick the DM or X-convict