What yo-yo to chose?

I’ve just heard for the first time about yo-yo and then after a quick search on the net I ended-up on this website.

The immediately watched all basic tricks (and now started the intermediate tricks), so what I need now is a yo-yo to practice them.

But here is where I got blocked, as I want to buy a yo-yo but I don’t know what yo-yo to buy.

By watching those 5 types (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A) it appears that imperial shape is used in some tricks and only with 2 yo-yos, the butterfly shape in other tricks with 1 yo-yo, offstring shape with some other tricks.

But to create more confusion in my mind, in all the basic tricks video only a butterfly shaped yo-yo was used.

Should I conclude that with butterfly shaped yo-yos can be done more tricks than with imperial shaped ones? And also that with butterfly shaped yo-yos can be done all the tricks done with imperial shaped yo-yos ? Also what about offstring usage?

First I would be interested in getting a table with all tricks (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced1, Advanced2, Expert1,Expert2, Master ones) and for each trick to be mentioned with what yo-yo shape that trick can be performed and with what easiness (for example: trick X: with imperial not possible, with butterfly possible, with offstring possible but more difficult)

Then a next step would be if I could get for each yo-yos (or at least for the most relevant yo-yos for sale) displayed for sale, those same descriptions (i.e what tricks could be done, with what easiness etc).

A last point is how long does a string last (in terms of hours of usage or else).

Thanks for all your help,

if you are a compleate beginner then i suggest looking for a $20 or so duncan yoyo. a Free Hand Zero would be a good choice. you don’t need too many yoyos but you will not be able to do looping with a Free Hand Zero or any other butterfly shaped yoyo. you really don’t need a looping (imperial shaped) yoyo yet, just get a duncan and some string (each string should last a couple of hours but don’t worry too much about it now) and if you buy it on this website you will get a trick book with your order, lastly, just have fun and I hope you enjoy your trip through the wonderous sport of yoyoing.


I say get a Yoyofactory Velocity. They are very good for beginners and they will allow you to adjust the yoyo as you get better. Get strings and look at all the guides on this forum. As far a maintenance goes, get some thin lube and your fine.

Welcome to The Forum, so for a beginner On each Style I would suggest:

1A: Velocity yoyo Butterfly for String Tricks

4A: (AKA Off String) Big Yo

2A: looping with Two imperial shaped Yo-Yos is not that important to learn if you are a beginner, but once you get good it can be pretty fun for Advaned players

3A: String tricks with 2 Butterfly shaped Yo-Yos also not important to learn yet but if you want to learn 3A buy 2 Velocitys Best to learn 1A First its easier to learn 3A once you are Good at 1A

ok so your post was ind of awkward for me.
first of all you have to choose a style such as 1a 2a 3a etc.
if you choose 1a you get a butterfly
2a get imperial or modded
3a butterfly
4abutterfly (usually a specific one)
5a butterfly
though virtually you could do any string trick with an imperial

strings usually last, for me, a few weeks sometimes over a month. i play 24/7 and im in master so yeah…
you should grab a duncan or a velocity. dont go for high end metals yet though.
hoped this helps.

Go for the speedmaker or legacy theyre pretty good yoyo’s to begin with. They both come with a hybrid response system. So if you ever decide to upgrade to a bimetal, youll be able use it. As for the string i recommend buying like a small pack of strings just in case because you never know.

So thanks to all the replies and put together with what I learned in the meantime about the different yo-yos on sale in the meantime this website, I narrowed my choice to the following:

YYF FAST 201 -> 9.99USD
YYJ Journey -> 15.30 USD
YYF Velocity -> 19.99USD

Here on the website the best recommended yo-yos for beginners (from the description I read on shopping part) are FAST 201 and Journey.
In the replies Velocity was highlighted several times, and good words about it are also on the shopping part about it.

In the latest reply it was indicated either Legacy or SpeedMaker, but on this website they are described as being more for intermediate to advanced players.

Now my questions are (using Velocity as reference):

  1. What are the drawbacks of the first two yo-yos (FAST 201 and Journey) compared to Velocity?
  2. And what are the advantages of the latter two yo-yos (Legacy and SpeedMaker) compared to Velocity?
  1. Is a pack of 5 strings enough or it is recommended to go for the 100-strings pack?

Betterfly shape is good. I personally prefer the H-shape.

What string do you use? My 100 poly lasts a day if I’m lazy.

To rurre33: Velocity, that is it. There’s pads in the newest version, which might be a turnoff if you don’t like ordering small pads from the US, this problem can be outdone if you order lots of pads with your Velocity. If the pads really turn you off, go for a FAST 201 or a Kickside. Note that the 201 can be outgrown.

Only a day? Mine last me up to a week.

I can probably keep playing mine for a longer time. It’s just that old, dirty, frayed string isn’t fun to play with. There’s an increase in snags and a risk of the string snapping.

I see where you’re getting that. I was using my GM2 above concrete with an old string… and the string snapped (luckily not right when I threw it). But… it chipped my GM2.

ya, i mostly make my own string now and they last at least 10 hours so it depends how much i play in one day

the speed maker uses a hybrid response and the legacy uses silicone

You should get a speed maker. They are really smoothe and will play responsive or unresponsive. I bought one when i was a beginner and it took me all the way to advance1. Also they have wide gaps, so it will help you with landing the yoyo on the string for string tricks. My speed maker is my second best yoyo so far, runner up after my Dark Magic by Andre Boulay. Good luck picking a yoyo and never give up

To rurre33: Velocity, that is it. There’s pads in the newest version, which might be a turnoff if you don’t like ordering small pads from the US, this problem can be outdone if you order lots of pads with your Velocity. If the pads really turn you off, go for a FAST 201 or a Kickside. Note that the 201 can be outgrown.
If you don’t want to buy a lot of Pads go with the Journey it is good for Beginner and the O-Rings will lasts a long time

Now according to the multiple replies, the choice narrowed down to Velocity vs SpeedMaker.
What are these “pads” used on Velocity?

And for Journey, what are these O-rings? It means Journey is a transaxle type, not with ball bearing?

The pads in the Velocity are K-Pads the waer out fairly quickly, so you would have to buy more to replace them, as for the Journey it is a Ball bearing the o-rings are the response, the last for a really long time so you wouldn’t have to buy extras. both are good yoyos but if you want one you don’t have to worry about replace the response in go with the Journey it is a good yoyo. Hope this helped

some stock strings, mostly my own home made string of pure cotton. im gonna try some nylon or poly but i cant find any.

Both the Vilocity and the Speedmaker are great choices, but I prefer the Speedmaker. It really is a better yoyo.