Don't Know Which Yoyo- Help?

OK- I need help choosing a yoyo. I just got my birthday money, and am setting aside 60 bucks for a yoyo. I really am not sure what to get…I finished the beginner level videos on my Sunset Trajectory NXG, but I need a string trick yoyo for intermediate… I don’t know whether to spend my money on a Dark Magic now, or get a KickSide or Speed Maker now and get a Dark Magic or Speed Dial once I’m better at yoyoing. Right now I’m thinking off getting a Velocity/KickSide/Speed Maker, then setting aside money for a more expensive yoyo, but I’m not really sure… any recommendations? Thanks.

Ok, I want to make this clear, because everyone will say “Get an M1!!!” well, don’t, If you finished begginer, I’d go with Velocity. It can grow with you until expert tricks. It’s fairly cheap and it very good player (So i’ve heard). This is my opinion but others may have different.


Basically It depends on your prefences, heres some, answer them so we can help:
A small yoyo or a big yoyo
Heavy or light
Do colors matter

Otherwise a Velocity, people say its a great yoyo(But I cant find a place where they have one)
Great beginner yo-yo, it has adjustable response so when learning to bind you can making it easier and later on it harder tricks you can make it super unresponsive. ;D

Heres some others you might consider:
Speed Maker:
Lyn Fury

You will need to know how to bind for the Speed Maker ,Kickside and Lyn Fury. I would go with the velocity and get a Dark Magic later. Or if you don’t want to have to get another one for a long time, I would get the Speed Dial or FAST 401k something along those lines. Its all preference though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont listen to Mark about this. Speedmakers, Kicksides, and Lyn Fury’s come responsive because the bearing is thick lubed. I know because I’ve owned them, lol (Except the Lyn Fury) You can get those yoyos without having to worry about binding, but it would be for good use to learn to bind sooner or later after purchasing one of those yoyos.

Lol. I meant after the lube breaks down Samad and you don’t have any. Should have mentioned that…

He did say he did


He’s talking about not having lube once it goes unresponsive, but in my opinion, you’ll have plenty of time to learn how to bind beforehand.

Yeah. I did mean that if you dont have any lube. Not the yoyo itself.

OK- the Velocity is out of stock everywhere and according to yoyofactoryben Velocity shipments are coming to YYE April 9. For know, I think I’m just gonna get a KickSide w/ Synergy Caps then get a DM later, but should I wait for the Velocity? Thanks.

Hmm. 9th of April is like 10 days? If you think you can manage to wait for 10 days, wait for it. But the Kickside is not a bad yoyo. So you will have fun anyways.

I dont think you should. I suggest getting what you can now, and if you really need the Velocity later, go for it. They will both do everything you need them to.

One more question- which is better solely for string tricks- string tricks only? Which has a longer sleep time? Right now I really don’t care about FAST switching starburst technology- just sleep times and string tricks. I can bind already(my brother’s Journey), so I don’t think I’ll need responsiveness.

All of them perform at the same level. It will mainly depend on yourself as a yo-yoer to achieve the tricks and spin times, not the yo-yo.

I’d suggest a plastic from YYJ, the gaps are all wider than a velocity, which really helped me learn tricks.

well IMO you have 60 bucks you can get a yoyo that you will not need to upgrade until you are a master for that money and you can bind
so I would go with the DM
or maybe an m1
but IMO if you get a 15-20$ YYJ plastic you will quicly grow out of it and want to get something like the DM or m1
but if you really want one of those plastics I would sugjest a legacy

Here’s what you want to get…

YoYoJam Dark Magic


YYJ Thin Lube


I know this puts you over your budget, but it is worth it. The DM is a great yoyo. It is responsive out of the box(which is good for beginners, but the shims along with the thin lube will make it unresponsive. You’ll burn through the string like crazy, so make sure to get a lot. Any color will work, but I wouldn’t recommend buying anything other than YYN Highlights since you are just starting out.

If you get the DM, you won’t have to get another yoyo for a while, and the thin lube will last you years. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I agree with DYonch…the DM is a fantastic yoyo that will last you through all the advanced skill levels. I didn’t do the shims, but I did do the flowable silicone. But strings and Thin Lube, and your set from Intermediate way past expert.

I agree with OldSchool as well. He knows what he is talking about :wink:

I didnt do the shims either, until just recently. And after having them, I realize they arent “really” needed, but if you wish to get them, go for it.

i would go ahead and pick up a dm if you kno how to bind effectivly,