A yoyo that can grow with me?

Hey guys, sorry to post another “which yo should i get” thread.

I currently have a Duncan Bumble Bee that I got not knowing anything about yoyoing (I had one when I was a kid and I recently had an itch to pick one up again). I have been going through the string trick videos on here, but it is nearly impossible to land the yoyo on the string, and it dies out pretty quick after. I can do quite of a few of the tricks in the beginner/intermediate section, but it is just time to upgrade to a yoyo designed for that kind of thing.

I have been looking at the Dark Magic because everybody seems to love it. $40 is at the top of my price range. Since it is on backstock right now, I’ve had a chance to look at other yoyos before diving in. I want something that will grow with me as I play. I don’t want to spend $15 on a yoyo that will only take me through the first few weeks of playing until I need to upgrade, but I also don’t love the idea of spending $40 right off the bat on a yoyo.

How comparible is something like the kickside to the dark magic? I would rather spend $40 once than $20 now and $30 on an upgrade later, and then $40 after that on another upgrade if I don’t have to.

Would something like the kickside keep me satisfied and not require an upgrade? or should I just cut my losses and spend the $40 upfront on the Dark Magic?

I am looking mostly at doing on string, off string, and possibly some counterweight in the future.

I highly suggest the YoYoFactory Velocity: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyofactory/velocity/

It has adjustable response, so you can play as a beginner, then do completely advanced tricks. I am REALLY tempted to get one, and I think I will. It has amazing spin time as well, and a good shape and size. It is the best beginner yoyo on the market, and can also be used for the most advanced of tricks. Get the Velocity. Also, don’t forget to buy string as well:


Do you mind if it’s used?

…I don’t get it? Are you willing to sell me one?

No, I’m willing to give you one.

I think a DM will work. Someone can use it, silicone recess it later, and all that other stuff. I know this guy who got one while he was learning split bottom mount, and Pros (Andre!) use the DM, so it should work up to the professional level.

Samad - Yes, I was serious. ;D

Ok, got your address from the PM. Yes, I’ll send it with both sets of shuttles, plastic and rubber, the stock bearing it came with, and the little manual thingie.

Threw some extra goodies in the package for you, too. Shouldn’t be anything you hate. :wink:

0308 2040 0000 4168 4024

Post here when you get it.

Hi, realityinabox, I hope to offer you some advice on choosing your yoyo. Samad has suggested the Velocity by YoYoFactory (a yoyo I have never played), and I think that would probably be an excellent choice for you to start out with. However, the Dark Magic is a favorite around here for good reason: because it’s an amazing yoyo. I don’t know how the Velocity would grow with you as you become more advanced because I don’t own one myself, but I do own a Dark Magic and I cannot stress how awesome this yoyo really is. The Dark Magic will perform any string trick out there, from beginner to master, and you will never regret purchasing it. Definitely get a yoyo with adjustable response/gap though, because when you start out, you will will want more response and as you progress, less response. The Kickside would also be a great choice if you are on a budget, but I would personally suggest the Dark Magic if your going to go with a YoYoJam yoyo, as you will probably want an upgrade eventually. There are many great yoyos to choose from and I know it’s difficult making a decision. For the long term, the Dark Magic is going to pay off more than the Kickside, in my opinion. Whatever your choice, I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy any of the yoyos you mentioned, and all of them will help you advance into a better player.

Wow I’m suprised nobody mentioned the Plastic Grind Machine. I own two M1s and I recently sold my PGM to my friend across the street. I Didnt sell it because I didnt like it, but it was a fairly big yoyo compared to the M1. Its a great yoyo, I love it. Whenever I go to his house I almost would rather use his PGM than my M1.

But Ive never used a dark magic or a velocity so I cant compare.

DocRobot. The same the same. I truly admire you. Maybe one day I will do the same. You just love to make waves don’t you?

i think the legacy from yoyojam is the best choice cuz i got it in jan. and it is still awesome. it is unresponsive but that is what makes it better. it is really tough and it will last longer than a metal yoyo

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