question about buying a more expensive yoyo

I am currently using a dark magic and its really working good, really landing a lot of good tricks with it with good speed and consistency. Basicially all the tricks in the learning videos except for a few of the string throws and whips and ladder escape and still working on white buddha. I am wondering if I can benefit from moving up to a more expensive yoyo, anywhere in the price range of 80-150$'s. Is it worth it, or should I just stick to my dark magic for life ha. Any advice etc… is appreciated thanks.

The Dark Magic is a great yoyo, but if you’re at that level, it can’t hurt to get a new yoyo.

I reccomend one of the FundaMETALs, preferably the Hectic or the Dv888. Both are amazing, and can do anything any other yoyo can.

That’s isn’t exactly true. I don’t think a DV888 or Hectic has hubstacks. But if you’re in the advance-expert section on tricks I recommend you get a Hectic, you might not like the DV888 since it’s smaller than a DM. If you want to try out a smaller yoyo then either get a DV888, M1, or P2.

The Hectic is a small yoyo too.

I think it would be a good idea to buy a new yoyo, but ultimately it’s your choice.
What are you looking for in your new yoyo?

Lol, sorry, major fail on my part :stuck_out_tongue:

Upgrading is your choice. If you want a Full Metal or a more advanced Metal-Rimmed go for it. sticking to just 1 yoyo for your entire playing span can get boring. Most people would probably recommend you getting a new yoyo even if the DM can get you through anything. But then again, it’s all up to you…

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It all depends on your skilz and techniques as well as preference if I were you I would get a Dv888 they are awesome and another thing can you bind

you’re fine with a dark magic. the idea that one ‘should’ ‘upgrade’ to a seriously expensive yo-yo after a few months is a pretty new (and kind of alarming) one. i’m sure you’re progressing just great, but there is NO WAY you have eclipsed the DM’s capabilities whatsoever.

i’m sure you’ve seen this. he’s using a hitman, but the point remains.

i think if you have to ask whether buying a new yo-yo is something you ‘should’ do, then you could stand to practice more with what you’ve got, which incidentally, is a really great yo-yo. there are a lot of great throws out there, and people get really excited about them, but you just can’t buy skill.

that said, if a new yo-yo is something you really want, go for it. just realize that (aside from maybe making you more stoked to play) it’s not going to make you a better yo-yo player.

Is the DM a good yoyo? I’m looking to buy one and I dont know what I would need… I want a strong sleep. Any advice would be great. Please message me! Thanks guys!


IMO if you have that kind of money to spend and you are loving playing at the mo, i would suggest looking at a CLYW BvM. They are truly immense!!!

I do believe you already have a thread of your own so there’s no need to post the same question in anothers person’s thread.
(I’ve already answered on your thread)

You don’t have to get another yoyo, you could just keep playing with DM.
But… I remember having some of the same thoughts as you. I had the DM, even upgraded it with a konkave bearing… Why would I need another yoyo? Would I actually be able to tell any difference?

Well… I decided to get a Dv888, and after a few throws I was thinking that my DM would now be put away for good… Maybe it would even be forgotten, collecting dust on some random shelve. I was pretty impressed with the Dv888, and yes - it did feel different from DM. It’s smaller, and it’s metal - it just felt so smooth. The DM seemed so clumsy compared to the Dv888 [yes yes yes, it’s a matter of preference, I know…]
My Dv888 is still my favorite yoyo, but no - DM has not been forgotten. I like throwing the DM now and then, because it does feel diferent. The different size of the 2 yoyos makes them both fun to throw.

Another thing is, that I do think it’s easier to make more complicated tricks with the Dv888 than the DM. Sure, that’s only a matter of practice - but “making progress” is one of the things I really like about this hobby, so I like to get a trick down using Dv888, and then I’m usually able to do it with the DM afterwards. What I am saying is, that Dv888 is more forgiving if you are a little sloppy, where the DM slows down faster if you don’t keep your string centered.
Some would say that it’s a bad thing, because you will get more sloppy with your tricks in general - but being able to pull of new tricks is very motivating - while failing to do tricks is not :slight_smile:

I mention Dv888 alot in this post, but that’s only because it’s what I got after the DM. I’m sure there are many other yoyo’s you could choose as your next yoyo [if you choose to get another], but I can’t help with that decission :slight_smile:

Yes, you are quite correct. Sorry for the spam guys! Didint mean to.

If you are going to get a new one, it can possibly help your play a lot. For me, I couldn’t squeeze the DM through ladder escape, but after I got a M1, I could do Ladder Escape, due to the size differences. So if you want a new one, just tell us your preferences in a yoyo, and we’ll help you decide.

What response does DM use again?I forgot ><

Dark Magic