Looking to upgrade from my Dark Magic

So I just started throwing a year or two ago and went with a Dark Magic mainly because all the videos on Expert Village showed a Dark Magic and I figured if he could do those tricks with it I could do em too. (I’m up to the Expert tricks but can’t do them all… yet). However this thing has gotten pretty beat up and dented and I was looking to upgrade… Any recommendations? I’ve been looking around and there are just sooo many options i’m not sure where to start…


But, with upgrades come choices. Too many choices. I think the first things we need to know is:
1: Are you looking to stay plastic/metal, full metal or full plastic? I’m assuming full metal.
2: Are there certain things you are more into, style-wise? Certain types of tricks you enjoy more.
3: What is your budget?

There’s so many amazing yoyos, great stuff all over the price-range. You’re going to get flooded with information. Don’t rush into this, especially if you dive into the deep end and spend big.

Basically what studio said. He covered it well. It will help to answer those …

Start with how much you wanna spend first. Then you will know where to look for the rest.

I’m looking to go all metal because i’ve started to notice little fractures in the plastic so I’m thinking the all metal would be a little sturdier. I’d prefer to keep it around the 100 range because most of the ones that catch my eye are around $85 to $130. And as far as tricks go i’m still in the process of learning a lot of stuff but i’ve been working on slack tricks more and string tricks like ladder escape

Once you get to the $40 (some would argue $15) price range, the yoyo will be able to handle anything you can throw at it.

Pick something that you think looks cool at a price you can afford, but it, play it, enjoy it.

What do you like about the DM? What do feel should be different? Just go from there in looking for a new one. Pretty much any higher priced yoyo is going to be of pretty high quality. If in doubt just go with what looks cool.

Honestly I really like everything about the DM, I still use it all the time but its just got a little wear and tear on it since it was really my first more advanced yo-yo that I began learning tricks with. Everything I’ve learned so far has been off this thing so I dont really have any complaints … especially since I dont really have anything else to compare it too. No where in my area sells YoYos so its not like you can test before ya buy a new one. I guess I’ll just find something that looks bad @$$ and go from there… I appreciate all the info and I’m sure I’ll post again once I make my final choice.

Take a peek at the One Drop stuff… particularly the Burnside or Code 2 (code 2 costs a little more, but you get the side effects to tweak it with)… OR go grab a new Nessie by G Squared…

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A dv888 is an awesome throw it is smooth and under sized compared to the dark magic if you want hub stacks the 888x is good it comes with half bearing responsive full bearing unresponsive and a multi tool a dvd and extra string only 99.99

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Do you like the dms size and weight? If so I would go towards a yyf genesis. Was one of my first metals and it plays amazing. Its so stable and long spinning. Not to mention the colorways are pretty awesome. The supernova also caught my eye.

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I’ve checked out all that everyone has mentioned and really the biggest difference I notice is that the DV888 is a little smaller than the YYF Genesis and the Code2 as well as the gap width being a little bigger on the Code 2 than any of the others (not sure how much of a noticeable difference there would be when landing on the string). As far as looks and color the YYF Genesis and the Supernova are looking like my two top picks.

Anyone got comparisons on the Genesis and Supernova? as far as string tricks, spin time, stability?

Also as a side note - I don’t know any other people who yo-yo or care to listen to me talk about it so its nice to know other people love this shit as much as I do.