New to yoyo

Hi everyone I’m new to yoyo.I have a cheap wooden one and I want to do more tricks and was just wondering what a good starter yoyo would be thanks for the help.

There’s a lot to consider, but I will keep the prices low.

One thing you need to consider is “do I want to start playing responsive and then move to unresponsive play”, or “do I just want to dive into unresponsive play”. Responsive means when you tug, the yoyo comes back. Unresponsive play requires you to do a bind return to bring the yoyo back. I recommend and will take the position of starting responsive and migrating to unresponsive but not changing the yoyo.

If you don’t want extra parts, the YoYoFactory Velocity is idea… The mechanism on the sides lets you adjust the response system closer together or further apart. The yoyo can go from way too responsive to completely unresponsive and anything in between. You can dial-in your preference freely. At under $15, it’s quite a steal and loads of fun.

If you want a complete package(this will make sense later), the YoYoJam Legacy II would be ideal. The yoyo ships with a narrow bearing inside the yoyo, enabling responsive play. Inside the box is a wider bearing. Simply swap the bearing for unresponsive play. I do recommend getting YoYoJam thick lube if you intend to play responsive for a long time because the lube in the slim bearing will break down and need to be re-lubed to keep it responsive. Odds are you won’t be staying responsive very long. $25 for the yoyo, lube is extra.

If you don’t mind a bit of work and order extra parts, the YoYoJam Classic is $10 or so. As-is, it is a responsive yoyo. When you’re ready to go unresponsive, it needs a full width C-sized bearing(as is included already as the extra bearing with the Legacy II), which you will need to order separately. If you wish to upgrade the response rings with pads, again, this is another purchase item, which I strongly recommend. Depending on what you choose for your bearing, you could spend more on your bearing than on the yoyo. I personally find the YoYoJam speed bearing more than sufficient, as well as YoYoJam silicone o-ring response pads, making your total purchase right around $20.

The Classic is a bit more work than the Legacy II. I think the Classic is a bit better in some regards over the Legacy II due to the shape. However, if you don’t mind the simple to do upgrades, the Classic is ideal.

I hope this helped in some way. Whatever you do, go slow at first. Read, learn, absorb the information and avoid overload. After a bit, you can dive in hard.

If you have no prior experience get a cheap ball bearing yoyo from your local toys r us or sports chalet, I recommend a fh-1, or dragonfly. With that learn the beginner tricks on the sight after you master those you can get a unresponsive yoyo like the one star or speedaholic

The problem with this methodology is that you end up having to swap out for a new yoyo, which equates to more money.

Starting off, you have to realize that fail rate is extremely high. Minimize initial investment to cut losses. Once people decide they are hooked, they’ll progress. If they get to the third level, then they tend to stick it out for a while.

Thanks studio I seen the velocity and I think I’ll get it seeing that it is right around my price range

solid choice