Cannot decide which yoyo to get for a beginner


I am new to yoyoing and I am looking at several options for my A1 yoyo. I want something not very expensive, and cheap in maintenance.
I would prefer responsive yoyo.
I do have at the momeny Duncan freehand zero, but frictions stickers get worn out very quickly, I play like 2 hours and they are gone.
Maybe I am doing something wrong? Please advice me and if not hard tell me why aswell.
If any yoyo listed is that bad that I should not have added it please leave your comment.
If there’s any option that I did not include, than most probably I dont like it, but if you fell like its better then the one’s I listed feel free to add it in thread.
I put 2 votes per user just in case.


I have heard very good things about the Yoyofactory One. Two others I recommend are the Yoyojam Lyn Fury and Yoyojam Kickside.

If you are looking for something cheaper, the Yoyofactory Fast 201 is a good beginner yoyo with a bearing.

I recommend to always do a good deal of research before purchasing anything. In the end it will be YOUR decision. Good luck in your quest!

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I would get the YYJ Classic FOR SURE. It comes responsive, but since they include another bearing. you can put that in later so you can make it unresponsive when you’re ready.

It’s a very good choice, I wouldn’t get anything else.


I never played with the classic but that would be the one I would get for a beginner since you can swap bearings when you become advanced. The other yoyos listed may be a bit advanced except for the fast 201. Always good to start responsive to practice your throw.


How old are you? How comfortable are you with parts?

I am a big advocate of starting with responsive play and the moving to unresponsive play. Also, new players want longer spin times, and to get that, it requires full sized yoyos and more weight.

This makes the Classic fairly ideal. The stock response rings can last darn near forever, but even better is to use flowable silicone or YYJ silicone o-ring response pads. To go from responsive play to unresponsive is as simple and as easy as swapping out a bearing. With a YoYoJam Speed bearing and YYJ silicone o-ring response pad, you’ll have a total investment of around $20.

If you’re not concerned about responsive play, then the new Surge is awesome. Other unresponsive options include the Alpha Crash, PSG and Asteroid.

The ONE with two bearings is a great yoyo, but it’s light BUT does have the two bearings to switch between responsive and unresponsive play. The WHIP is also fantastic, but its too light to start with. My issue with these two is your spin times as a beginner, so heavier is better for you for now. The ONEStar is heavier but still not quite enough. These are all great yoyos though.

If you want an adjustable yoyo, get the Velocity, not the Fast201.

I forget your other choices.

Your rate of play suggests to me you’ll need to replace your response pads every 3 months or so. You might want to learn to how to use flowable silicone as your response system.


Im 20 and I fell comfortable with parts on FHZ
So far I see majority for Classic, I like it too because most people with experience suggest it, and it’s one of the newest, which is my preference in this case aswell.

I might, yes, if they can last for 3 months I might not look that far ahead, maybe I will see that yoyoing is not my cup of tea, or it will be easier to just get new pads/orings

Thank You, everyone who used the poll and gave advice


I just got the YYJ Classic. I highly recommend it for a beginner.


I would definitely recommend a YoyoJam Classic. I started with a Dark Magic II, and I regret it. I now have a YYR Sleipnir, SPYY Pro, CLYW Chief, CLYW Puffin, Magic Yoyo T5, and just today I got my YoyoJam Classic. My classic did not come with an unresponsive bearing though, but I didn’t order it from this website. I can say that It will be your best option regarding play and price. The Whip and One are too light, not sure about the others. The rubber O-rings that come with the Classic will last forever, and once you do want to go unresponsive all you need is some silicone and an unresponsive bearing. I played the Classic for a few minutes responsive, and it is a very good responsive yoyo. Since the place I ordered it from decided to throw in some response pads for free I was able to switch to unresponsive immediately instead of waiting for flowable silicone to dry, and I am very impressed. I put a regular YoyoFactory 8 ball bearing in it and was amazed to find that the Classic slept for 2 and a half minutes. My Chief, Puffin, and Pro only sleep for about a minute and a half. The Classic is not as stable as those two yoyos, but it is more than half as stable as those, so for 10 dollars you can’t go wrong. If you don’t plan on every playing unresponsive then you will likely never have to put more money into it other than your string. The O-rings will last forever, and the bearing should last a very long time as long as you take proper care of it.


Hi and welcome to the forums! Just a few things, next time, please post these kinds of questions in the “Looking for Help/ Recommendations” (which it has been moved to as of now) section. Also, the style of yoyoing is called 1A, not A1. It’s okay though, just some beginner mistakes (and most likely a typo on that last one)!

On to the question. Of the throws you listed, the Whip and ONEstar are unresponsive, but can play responsive with a bit of thick lube. To me, it comes down to the One and the Classic. I say go for the Classic. While the One comes with two bearings, one for responsive and one for unresponsive, I still would recommend the Classic. It has more rim weight, and based on my observations, outstrips the One in terms of spin time. When you step up to unresponsive play, a new bearing and response will do you good, as will a C3yoyo Alpha Crash.

Definitely don’t get the FAST 201. It sounds like a buzz saw, and is a bit outdated. Like the above post said, the Velocity is a great throw, and I wouldn’t worry too much about vibe. Basically all of these throws vibe a tiny bit, some more than others.

If you can master a bind return, the C3 Alpha Crash is one of the best yoyos you can get, at a low pricepoint. Don’t forget some extra string and bearing lubricant! Good luck on your yoyoing journey!

^This was taken from my post on the other thread made about this. I feel dumb. I clicked on this looking for my post and couldn’t find it. i tried looking for it for about 10 minutes, then found there were two topics.


Honestly, I would buy an unresponsive metal yoyo right off the bat. When I started all I wanted to do was do the fancy tricks so I picked up a yuuksta. Yeah there was a learning curve but I eventually was able to do all the basics and didn’t have to wait (for the mail)/pay for another yoyo, I could simply move on.

I wouldn’t recommend an undersized throw (for example the yuuksta) because they aren’t very stable and I wish I had started off with a more stable throw. Go pick up a one drop/clyw/a yoyo you think looks nice and has great reviews from the b/s/t (it’ll be cheaper there) and I promise you, you won’t regret it.