Yes another one... But its urgent

ALright, like all my topics, I am going to start out by saying, I know there are threads like this, but this one applies to My situation.
Thanks for understanding.

SO I am in charge of a yoyo club for school, and I need to decide what yoyos to purchase.
The requirements are-
*$10 or under
*NOt the YYF One!
*Not a piece of crap :stuck_out_tongue:

SO what yoyos does this limit the selection down to?
I played a YYJ classic at worlds, but it was set up unresponsive. ANybody know how they play responsive?

Thanks for the help everybody.

ps, I must order by tommorrow so it is somewhat urgent.

Yeah, heard they play really well responsive. Your best bet is the YYJ classic IMO

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I played a Classic at Ohio States and kind of regret not buying it now. It plays great responsive, and can handle a fair amount of string. Definitely reccommend it.

What he said. ^^

I really cant remember it eexactly, would it work good for people brand new to yoyoing?

Yup, it comes stock responsive.

So it would be great for beginners.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

There is nothing wrong with the ONE if you’re working with beginners.

The Duncan Butterfly XT is noteworthy, but if you clean the bearing, it is way too light, very unresponsive(yes!), but again, too light.

I’m getting some YYJ Classics. Looking forward to this.

I’m not terribly impressed with the Fast201.

I have the seen the fh2s on sale at toys r us for 7.50 and they are pretty decent, but you need to catch a sale. I haven’t played any other yoyos mentioned here though so I can’t compare. Another idea might be the proz. It is pretty decent as well and can teach multiple styles. Only issue with both of these is the pads they cone with wear out fast

The ProZ’s are compatible with the silicone pads. 12mm ones. I’m getting ready to send one out for some weight rings mods(along with a Butterfly XT to get the same treatment)

Boom done.

ive heard good thing about the classic, but i havent tried one. id say the ONE normally. what do you not like about it? is it too light? theres sorta a yoyo club at my school. like 5 kids. i COULD say i lead it but no. im just the most advanced player there :stuck_out_tongue:

if your gonna get people to start throwing, or beginners, the fast 201 is decent. the adjusablity and a clean bearing can work on even advanced tricks. but the ONE is the best $10 yoyo in my opinion. dont underestimate.