Does anyone know any $10-$15?

My friend is just starting out, and I’m trying to teach him with my yyf whip, and protostar. I don’t live with him, so naturally he wants to be able to get a yoyo of his own. As of this minute, I got him to get the yoyo back to his hand, I mean unresponsive yoyos. Does anyone know what the best 10-15 dollar unresponsive yoyos from any brand are?

EDIT: Does anyone know how good the yyf one is, just the whole champions thing makes it hard to ignore

go for those magic yoyos on ebay.

seem to be the best bang for the buck

If he is ok with pink the breast cancer awareness yoyojam classic is $12-$13 with upgraded bearing included for both styles of play in one awesome yoyo.

Great suggestion above, or spend another $1 or so and get a YoyoJam Surge instead. There is a 10 ball in that thing. :-\ $16.20 here.


Adegle PSG is a good choice.

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The answer is the C3 Speedaholic. Ridiculous good play for the price. Beautiful, especially outside in the sun. So dirt cheap, it’s exactly the price point you’re looking for.

It’s decent but not great. The YYF OneStar is a much better yoyo, but more expensive too.

My first choice would probably be a YYJ Classic (with regular bearing and pads). But other mentioned including the YYF OneStar, C3 Speedaholic and YYJ Surge are all good options.

If you want a cheap metal then the check out Magic YoYos on ebay or elsewhere online. They have lots of models but at under $15 I’d recommend the T5. Plays better than any of the plastics mentioned above.

I would not get the ONE. The MagicYoyo, Speedaholic, and Classic suggestions echo my own. I did not enjoy the PSG, but everyone’s mileage may vary… the PSG is better than the ONE.

classic with a unresponsive bearing in it becomes a beast and the smoothest plastic out there.
Stackless grind machine
C3 speedaholic
YYF one
YYJ surge.
Lots of all metal magic yoyos sell for in this range.

Will also get him desensitized to vibe early on lol.

I forgot about the surge! Such a great yoyo TotalArtist is spot on!


I like the surge pesonaly but the upgraded classic isn’t bad either

Speedaholic is easily the best option of his choices

I like the surge but I’m glad to hear the speedaholic getting such rave reviews.

tell him to cough up the 20 bones it takes to ship a Magic Yoyo N12 from China and he will be a happy camper…

i actually don’t care much for my Speedaholic… and i feel like if my skills were any poorer the yoyo would be substantially worse for learning on. it tilts easily, doesn’t have great spin times and isn’t all that stable through the air.

as an organic shaped poly yoyo it is pretty nice and good for it’s price, but with the instability of it and the fact that the slightest bit of slop in play will send the thing spinning out of control i wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.

the N12 is solid at the end of the string, spins forever, extremely stable, can handle any play style, it has a blasted finish, it comes with a concave bearing, a pouch, extra string… can’t go wrong with it

I’ll back this up :wink:

Try the YYF OneStar!

words of truth right there ^^^

With free shipping on orders over $20, add another low-cost model to get the numbers. Win-win!

I just gone one of these. I think I have 10 Classics now. Just amazing affordable yoyos.