yoyo suggestions

Im 12 years old just getting into 1a tricks and would like to start getting into unresponsive play. have any suggestions for a yoyo to use? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that this is in the wrong place but the protostar is a great yoyo for getting into unresponsive play.

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OneStar was my first unresponsive yoyo and it’s allowed me to learn so much in little time. I recommend the OneStar because it’s inexpensive and has a lot to offer for the pricing.

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speedaholic if you pay it yourself, if your parents pay ask for a rally :smiley: but seriously it depends on your budget but the speedaholic is just amazing for the price, and the rally is better but cost more so in my opinion go with a speedaholic then when you get good enough that you don’t smack the yoyo once everyday you upgrade to a 70-80$ range metal,but come back here when you get there.

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I would have to say that the speedaholic is a little clumsy. It’s really light, so for someone just getting into unresponsive it would be difficult. It also doesn’t grind that great, so if he accidentally hits the yoyo the yoyo would die. Onestar, as someone said earlier, isn’'t a bad choice.

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Dark Magic II is really popular and pretty comfortable from my experiences. You could also check out the starter packs they’re selling on this site or other sites like Yoyotricks.com

Should check your specs

The speedaholic is much heavier than the onestar. I will say it’s a bit wide which accounts for some of the clumsiness. Pretty sure if he’s getting into unresponsive play he won’t be grinding either and by the time he is he’ll have bought a new yoyo.

In my opinion, the speedaholic is not a good starting yoyo. I am just starting myself and bought the speedaholic for it’s price and reviews on this site.

While I think you could still learn on it, it doesn’t feel natural in my hand. It is decently heavy, but the weight distribution doesn’t feel right to me. Like there isn’t enough of it’s weight located to it’s rims and therefore first feel very stable.

Now I am not saying that the speedaholic is a bad yoyo, in experienced hands it can be a work of art. But for a beginner I would find a very stable yoyo. I’m looking at the spintastics blade/magic T8 for my next purchase as it has rim weight I am looking for
ymmv though

If you are just beginning I would highly recommend the YYJ Surge. Its a great yoyo from the getgo and is very comfortable in the hand