New yoyo dilema pls help

Hi guys,
So im thinking of buying a new yoyo for my sister… she’ve never dealt with yo-yos before and she always saw me doing it and she just wanted to have one ;D :smiley:
So yeah she is totally unaware of how to throw,bind and stuff but she has me so i think i can help her get over it…
About her first yoyo, i was thinking about something under 35$.
The options are:::
a)Protostar(Becouse everyone say its wonders, i dunno maybe its overhyped whatever)
b) Velocity(because you can switch between responsive and unresponsive although i could teach her to bind)
c)Onestar(cheap and have good reviews)
d)Popstar(no idea its pink and she likes it)
e)Grind machine( she likes the color and i really think that the hubstacks would be fun ;))
f) Kilter by yoyoofficer( because its a relatively unknown brand and yoyo and i wanted to give a try besides it comes with a “kk” bearing, extra pads,and a bag)

Pls fell free to share your opinion just please point out the reason for it ;).
Thank you very much
Oh! and if you are wondering why im not choosing for her its because I’ve only had one yoyo a dv888 ::slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i started with a grind machine i would say its the best just cause it has hubstacks and just a really forgiving design… second would be the onestar if she hasn’t a yoyo before put a slim bearing in it and get her used to throwing responsive then move her on up… the onestar is actually a really good yoyo for the price and the size.

Classic,then in a few month when she is ready to bind buy a large bearing

NEVER start with a unresponsive.

I would say Velocity. It can be changed to play responsive or unresponsive. Don’t get her a metal to start out with (so no Kilter or PopStar), nor does she need a tiny tiny yoyo like the Popstar. The protostar and onestar are both unresponsive, so I think the Velocity is your best bet.

do you not remember that the onestar starter pack has two bearings in it… one slim and one full.

Popstar is too small and not stable which makes it horrible for a first throw. Grind machine is heavily outdated compared to the other listed throws. Kilter for a first throw wouldn’t be that great since it’s going to get beat up significantly. I’d grab the onestar over the protostar as well since once again it’s getting beat up. They’re even releasing a pink one for the japan collection soon. Velocity seems like the best option of what you have listed even though it’s gap is a bit small. The adjustable response makes the yoyo overly complex but at least she can have a responsive yoyo.

I always prefer something like a classic and speedaholic. That way you have a responsive and unresponsive yoyo. Starting someone with a bind will create bad habits and sloppy play.

It’s all lies. You can start with unresponsive just fine. The only drawback is that when you miss your binds (and you will), you have to wind the yoyo manually. Ugh. If you miss a responsive trick, you can often still recover the yoyo to your hand.

If you DO want to start responsive, the Classic with upgrade kit is a pretty good way to go.

For my money on that list, it’s the Kilter. If you REALLY want some sort of responsive, you don’t have to get an “upgradeable” one. Get the Kilter and get… pff… anything else, really. ProFly is a great responsive yoyo.

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I would probably go with the OneStar, it is an amazing throw for about $15. You can get the purple Ann Connoly edition or the pink Paul Han edition, if she likes either of those colors. I have limited experience, but enjoy the heck out of my OneStar (marble color).


I actually started unresponsive and I feel that it didn’t affect how I learned in a negative way at all.


You’re not the only one. The mechanics of a throw are used in either format. If anything, you need to throw “better” with most wide low-walled unresponsive yoyos because they’re not very forgiving and will wobble wildly on a cruddy throw.

This whole “throw responsive first” pedagogy is for the birds. There are tonnes of digital artists out there who started with Photoshop or another paint program and haven’t picked up a brush, palette and canvas since they were a kid, if ever.

Lots of snowboarders have never skiied, even though when snowboards first arrived on the scene people would say “You should learn the fundamentals of skiing first”. Errbody recognized the fallacy of that connection and nobody bothers anymore.

Electronic musicians… some of them can’t even play keyboard…

Learning doesn’t work as a formula. The way learning works is really simple, though: having the student engaged. Now, if they happen to find responsive more fun because it’s less work to get the yoyo back to the hand, GREAT. Start there! But if they’ve seen unresponsive play and that’s what they really want to do, what’s the point holding them back? Jump them into whatever’s going to motivate them.


the YYJ classic if you can find it is great plus they have lots of color combos. if not the YYF velocity would be a good pick. ;D

Thnaks everyone i love the speed on which you guys answer XDDDDDDD
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Thanks and i took a lll the advices with the bottom of my heart
But i also believe that its not needed to star with a responsive yoyo whatever.
And yeah the choice in the end will be eitherr a onestar or a velocity thanks everyone!!!
;D ;D :smiley:

If you’ve eliminated the Kilter and are down to those two, let me put my support behind the Onestar. The Velocity is a neat little thing, but it’s not nearly as stable or long-spinning. The adjustability is nice if you really want to switch back and forth often, but more likely you will pick responsive or not, and then the mechanism just doesn’t have as solid a response as the onestar.

So yeah. Onestar.


I would get the speed dial over the velocity as they both use the same system and the speed dial is made of metal and is only 5 dollars more. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also don’t forget about the surge by yoyojam