New and want to work on my 1A

Hey guys,

I bought myself a few 2A yoyos like the Loop 720 and Sunset. I’m finding it alot of fun but i want to have something else to do inbetween practicing my loops, so i figure i might aswell give 1A a go.

So my question to you is, what is a great yoyo to start out playing 1A tricks with? I have some experience so im not looking for one of those absolute beginner and cheapy yoyos, but just something to help me get my feet off the ground :slight_smile:

Any ideas? Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Lyn Fury’s good from what I hear and there’s the YoYoFactory One coming out sometime if you want to wait for that.

What is your price range?

the yyf one is going to be unresponsive… so i wouldnt
but get a lyn fury or kickside

YYJ Dark Master II

YYJ Dark Magic II…?

I guess for price range im looking at up to about £40?

Get a yoyofactory velocity. Perfect beginner yoyo.

I agree with Lev, I almost want to buy one myself. Its only like 20 bucks and has an adjustable response so that you can go from responsive play to unresponsive play with a few turns of the dial. Someone had recommended it to me cause I was a beginner but I had already orderd a DM2

new breed or protostar is good

Not for a beginner.

Any of the YoyoJam plastics are a safe bet.

HA! HA! Sorry!!!

I’m curious as to why people assume everyone should start off responsive. I started w/ a Black knight and then got an Atmosphere a week later.

Playing responsive makes you smoother and in my experience made it easier to pick up unresponsive play.

I highly recommend any of the ~20 YYJ yoyos. These can be modded to be unresponsive quite easily and quickly. If you so choose.

The Velocity is also a great choice. It can cover the spectrum of beginner to expert. It can take anything you throw at it and ask for seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:

I second the velocity

I second the new breed or protostar cause though it’s unresponsive, IT can bind so well you don’t need to bind well to bind in a protostar.

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Thanks for all your replies folks thats been really helpful.

I think ill grab myself a velocity, i must admit i had it in my crosshairs before making this thread but now thats kind of settled it for me :slight_smile:

My friend has a Northstar, which is basically a Protostar with Jensen Kimmitt written on it right? I was playing around with it for a while and i like the feel off it, but like someone said before i dont think itll give me all the benefits i need for when im just starting out.

yeah, it’ll be cool