Beginner yoyo


I may be teaching a small yoyo clinic (kind of a team building exercise at our company). I am trying to figure our a good beginner yoyo for people. I am looking for:

  1. plastic and inexpensive (under $20)
  2. responsive
  3. easy to learn with, comfortable, reasonably smooth, good response
  4. good for beginner and intermediate string tricks
  5. easily to upgrade to unresponsive if desired.

I have heard some good things about the Replay Pro - is the Replay (the responsive version) a good fit for what I am looking for? I have also heard about a yoyo called The Sage. I have never used either of these and the only modern plastic I have is a Velocity - which is neat but not a great throw in my opinion and not something I would recommend to a new user.


I personally think the classic is a great choice. I gave one to my girlfriend to learn the basics on. I would assume the replay would be very good as well. I would recommend making sure they are initially VERY responsive. I actually put Vaseline in a slim bearing. This way the basics are easy to learn. Then swap the full c sized bearing in and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

I learned on the Sage and would definitely learn on that one again! It has pretty good spin times and it can be upgraded to unresponsive. They only sell it on a certain sire though which I won’t say on here. I have also heard good things about the responsive replay but have never played with one myself.

Hope this helps!

i learned on a duncan dragon fly​:joy::joy: and then once i learned to trapeze i upgraded to an unresponsive yyj legacy (the first one)

The ‘Sage’ is not a yo-yo sold on a specific site. It is just a YoYoFactory OneStar with a slim bearing and branded caps. That said, the OneStar is a pretty good choice, but it’s a little light and won’t give you the same spin times as others while you’re learning to throw.

The YoYoFactory Responsive Replay is a solid choice too, but I really like the Recess First Base for learning since it comes with an unresponsive bearing to upgrade it as well.