Is replay pro responsive

I own two unresponsive yoyo t6 rainbow and recently bought The shutter. Id like to own a responsive plastic yoyo. If replay isn’t responsive . I heard the sage is a good starter yoyo. I’m passed the starter stage but I want a paying around yoyo that’s responsive. Any input would be appreciated

Thank you

The replay can be either responsive or unresponsive. Here’s a link to what is supposed to be the responsive version…

Good luck!

Excellent thank you. Now I know it’s a dumb question but just to be absolutely sure. The sage or replay ?

That was a link to the replay. The replay can be either responsive or unresponsive.

Likewise The sage can be either responsive or on responsive as well.

Yeah I know I scoped it out, Iwas just wondering which is better. Leaving out the fact gentry won with the replay lol.

Well… OK all of this (below) is my this is my opinion only.
Also, it’s probably controversial… but knowing what I know now, this is what I would do if I was starting today…

First though… my feeling is that Gentry’s win with the Replay yoyo reflects more on Gentry’s amazing abilities than it does the yoyo. (for what it’s worth) There are many plastics that perform as well… some even better.

Starting out: (phase 1)

The YYF One Starter Set @ $ 18.99 is one of the cheapest entry that will give you a responsive yoyo you can transform into a non-responsive.

If money is not a problem the YYJ Dark Magic II @ $ 43.78 is also responsive and non-responsive. I think it handily outperforms the One and Replay, even if the YYJ Dark Magic II price point is quite high for a plastic throw IMO.

with either of these options (above) you can transition into non-responsive play.

Non-Responsive play: (phase 2)
NOTE: you could stay with the (phase 1) yoyo’s above and not buy anything else at all. But I would recommend…

The SKYVA @ $ 19.99 is a steal. It’s a plastic throw that performs extremely, extremely well. It outperforms all previously mentioned yoyos.

The Shutter is an excellent all metal throw that will perform any trick you want to learn… although… there are many many metal throws at this price point that are just as good this throw for around the same money… I just like the Shutter a lot.

I hope this information is helpful to you.
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If you have any other questions, just post. :slight_smile:

That was as good a beginning strategy as any that antonizick posted, and it was super nice of him to take the time to type that up.

However, based on your OP, the fact that you already own a Shutter, and that you “…want a playing around yoyo that’s responsive.”, I think you might want to look at the YYF Velocty.

I just got one for my son, and it is really fun and versatile! By just turning two dials on the side, you can go from responsive enough to do Hop the Fence, Shoot the Moon, and modern fixed axle stuff like Stalls; to unresponsive enough to do stuff like plastic whip, but still have a tug return; to totally unresponsive and requiring a bind.

It’s not as rim weighted as the Replay, so it’s not 1a competition contender. It won’t be as stable, or sleep as long. However, the weight distribution actually enhances it’s versatility. The silicone response is predictable, and works well in all settings.

My son had to pry it out of my hands! I’ll have to get one for myself. It’s just a fun yoyo.

Good catch Myk_Myk, my bad, I lost sight of the fact he has a non-responsive already. I was giving a blueprint for someone that didn’t have anything at all to throw, and wanted to get started in our insane hobby.

The Velocity does sound very cool. I like unique yoyos, but I have never had the opportunity to use that one myself.

The (responsive) DV888 @ $35 is a high quality metal responsive that would be worth considering IMO.

Buy them all I say!

There you go!

I’ve gotta get a Skyva…

I have a velocity and I would not recommend it. It is not a smooth throw. It is not too stable compared to other throws I have used. The dial is neat. And I like that it can switch, but I am not enamored of it. Also, in responsive mode, the pad looks to be eating through the string quickly.

In another thread someone said the sage was just a different yyf yoyo rebranded. I think they said it was a yyf one.

The Velocity is definitely not as smooth or stable as probably any of the modern high performance yoyos. It’s just a lot of fun to me, and it’s different. I think the relative lack of stability is actually a bit of an asset for what I like about it. I doubt it chews the string noticeably faster than

It all depends on your goals. If your goal is to wean yourself from responsive play, then the other choices are better.

Like I said, the Velocity is fun and different. Maybe I’m just forgetting how good some of my old school responsive bearing yo-yos play. I need to dig them out…

Fair enough. You are right that velocity is cool. But I think I would give a beginner something smoother, that feels good. That being said, I admit that my only responsive yoyos are loopers (tk silver bullet 2, yyf 1080, and tk fixed axles) so I have no experience with responsive 1a yoyos.

I was just looking in the YYE shop, and the YYR Fay comes with a slim and a wide bearing. I haven’t tried that one, or heard anything about it though… The Recess First Base also comes with a slim and a wide bearing, and I’ve heard good things about it. I’m sure either one of those would outperform the Velocity at unresponsive play, yet you’d still have the option to play responsive.

I admit the Velocity is probably only a good choice if you like, and want to continue messing around with responsive play; which isn’t such a popular thing to do.

I really like the Replay Pro, but I haven’t tried it with a slim bearing.