Which yoyo should I buy?

I am stuck between which of the following yoyos I should purchase: YYF DV888, the sage yoyo from yoyotricks, and the yoyofactory velocity. Please recommend which you think I should buy.

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Well, not the DV888, and I am not a fan of “adjustable gap” yoyos because they are so fiddly. So go with the Sage, of the ones you have listed.

Also, people recommend the heck out of the Recess First Base as well and I concur

So out of the sage or first base which would you recommend?

I have both and I prefer the Sage. However, I’m sure someone else will say the opposite, so I really think you can’t go wrong with either. I prefer the Sage because it seems to vibrate less than the First Base and it is a lot quieter. But that could just be an anomaly with my particular First Base yoyo.

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Ok, thank for you the recommendations!

If you’re going to be doing responsive play, get the first base. It has a responsive and unresponsive bearing.

If you can already do unresponsive I would recommend the YYF Replay Pro.

And btw, how loud a yoyo is is due to the state of the yoyos bearing, you can make any yoyo quieter by lubing the bearing.

FYI: The Sage pack I bought also comes with a Center Trac bearing for when you’re ready to upgrade it to unresponsive play.

I was surprised by the noise of the First Base seeing as it was brand new and shouldn’t need lubing right out of the box.

It can vary. My first base was pretty quiet when I got it.

It is a long story but I thin lube every single yoyo I get as soon as I get it, new or not. I really like quiet and smooth.

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Thick lube to keep it responsive though, yes?

I have my Sage and First Base in responsive mode for now while I make my way through the “intermediate” trick category. For kicks I tried the simple binds (one forward, one side) and concluded that I’m just not ready for that yet (I don’t have enough basic yoyo control to make practicing binds anything but super frustrating right now).

I would say to NOT get a DV888. I’d get either a Recess First Base, YYF Replay Pro, or YYF Wedge for the price range you’re looking at.

Do already have the wedge, but I am looking to start with responsive play first.

First, just want to point out that the ‘Sage’ is just a responsive rebranded YoYoFactory OneStar ($7.99 here at YoyoExpert).

That said - I would recommend the Recess First Base over the Onestar. The First Base has a more powerful spin and is more forgiving when you’re learning and trying to perfect your throw. I like the weight of it much better for unresponsive play as well.


So the first base can do responsive play as well as unresponsive?

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Yup, The First Base comes responsive out of the box and has an unresponsive bearing you can swap in when you’re ready for advanced tricks.

Also, not to overload you with choices, but here’s a few other beginner yo-yos I really like:

And if you want to get some accessories as well the starter sets are always a good choice:

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So, would you recommend the first base over the replay?

I would say first base if you want to do responsive play along with unresponsive.

If you just want to do unresponsive, get the Replay Pro.

I already have unresponsive, I want to do responsive.

The Replay (non-Pro version) is sold as a responsive yoyo.

Is it identical to a Replay Pro except for the bearing it comes with?

If you already have an unresponsive then I would definitely get the regular Replay. It’s a little more stable and longer spinning than the first base imo.