the one Vs. fast

      which one is better "the one" or the "fast"?

I would go with the one :slight_smile:
The one can come unresponsive so it opens a whole new world of yoyo tricks. Also the one has silicone response, the fast 201 has starburst. I like the silicone better.

Well it depends on how serious you are. If you want to become a good yoyoer one day, go with a One. Make sure you get the version with an extra bearing though. The One can play responsively or unresponsively with the swap of a bearing while the FAST 201 simply adjusts how much response you get. I think One is your best bet for a “best of both worlds” yoyo. Hope that helped ;D

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go with the one, its a great throw that will take you from beginner to intermediate

I agree :slight_smile:

The one is way better you can use the slim bearing an the wide bearing so it is for begginers and advanced players ;D

I’ve only tried my cousin’s FAST and I wasn’t really thrilled with it…far too rough, never really got the whole ‘adjustable’ thing that the FAST boasted. The One looks great for beginners, and with some tweaks could actually go for an intermediate or advanced player’s pocket throw. Maybe add some weight rings to the One. Also the One looks a lot like a Lyn Fury.

Absolutely go with the ONE, the fast might deter you from pursuing yoyo any further.

to all you fast naysayers.
Stock by the way.

Proof that skill is in the player and not the yoyo