which is better

which is better “the one” or the “fast”.


there yoyos

The one. it plays better in all ways.

I laughed really hard at this comment

any I don’t know… Which fast?

I would go with the “ONE” for two reasons first it can do both responsive and unresponsive play, second it takes silicone so ultimately when it comes to 1a (which I believe is what you are doing) it will take you much further then the “FAST 201”. Just make sure you get the one that comes with a “SPEC” bearing.

probably fast 201.

how many more “what do i get” threads are you having?

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im looking for a good yoyo and am very confused they all have good points and bad points.

instead of acting like if make the wrong decision your going to die, get something for the sake of sanity…

PS, i love jayyos wolf lolz

No yoyo is better than another. I would go with the ONE though.

The links you posted are made from jjwinck. The OP of this thread is money man. They’re different people.

Guys stop making these threads I can’t take any more wolves!


No need to be a dick. He asked a legitmate question. I’m sure you have asked this type of question before.

one, maybe two times i understand. we all did that

8-10 times within a week. NO

Well 1slave25, why don’t you report to the mods or admins?

the one