Good yoyo under 50$

I need a good yoyo under $50. I want it to be stable, not tilt, feel solid, and full sized.

Here are some of my choices now. Feel free to suggest more.

Spinfaktor X
Shinwoo Zen 6, Zen 4
Speeder 2
Hitman Pro

How do you add a poll?

i would get a protostar only 35 dollars for an amazing yoyo

No, my friend has one, I played it. Didn’t like it all that much.

wait, you’re looking for a full sized, and the popstar is on the list you’re considering?
Under 50 throws I’d reccomend:
B/S/T (I’d go there before looking at anything)
Dv888 (I’d get this if I were going for new)
Maybe a Dingo

RAPTOR!!! How could you leave that out of the list!! Very smooth, very tiny vibe, really nice on grinds, many colors, comes with 2 extra sets of response systems, plays very well, 2 removable caps for different play, weight and it just plays great.

Yes, I worship the Raptor, but I do that for a reason.

raptor or dv888

WHAT FRIKIN REASON?! look man, if you want a good yoyo, your choices are: Dark Magic 2, Dv888, or if you want to go REAL cheap go to the kickside.

Chillax bro. DM2 is pretty bad, Dv888 isn’t full sized, Kicksides are great. But Raptor, it wins against all three of those x20

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If you looked at my last post, I stated quite a few reasons. Ans I apologize for any dis-respect Hiphopyoer, but you know that I was going to post “Go Raptor”. Almost everybody knows it.

Please leave this forum and never come back >:( >:( >:(

Kidding, but I personally think it is an amazing yoyo. It was my brothers first throw and doing tricks on it just seems so much easier than doing tricks on my other yoyos. It is an amazing starter yoyo too, as it comes with a thin bearing for responsiveness and a regular bearing for unresponsive

Go for the Genesis. It is full-sized, solid, and one of the most stable yoyos out there.

raptor is pretty decent, but i recommend DM2 or Dv888 over it. The new speeder 2 came out and that looks great also.

out of the choices you gave- the hitmanpro or sfx. (dont go with shinwoo)

Updated list. Now which one do you think i should get?

my raptor is tight but its my only metal so of course metal kills plastic.

Out of the yoyos you listed, I can’t recommend the Hitman Pro highly enough. I have $100 metals in my collection, yet the HMP is still my main throw.

You said you wanted full-sized though, and the HMP is under-sized. It is quite wide, however, so it doesn’t “feel” as under-sized as a lot of throws. It’s nothing less than amazing.

Okay, I got it narrowed down. HMP or Raptor???

tough choice bro, but HMP has got my vote. awesome grinds, looks amazing. The raptor comes semi-responsive which isnt a big deal but its annyoing. you gotta buy a new bearing or clean the bearing it came with. HMP FTW :slight_smile:

(i would also recommend the DV888, DM2, and speeder 2 over the raptor)

I am fine with having to switch out for a new bearing or clean it.

protostar kills metals.

me neither except i had to go out and pay 10$ for mineral spirits… just a bit inconvienent