Consider to buy a new throw


Soooooooo , i have been playing with my ONE for over 2 months now and i’ve mastered quite alots of tricks and skills now and i’m thinking of getting me a new yoyo cause my old ONE is all buster up with scratches and dent all over .

I’m thinking of getting me something it worth my money for it and i would like you guys to help me out by helping me choose my yoyo .

My favorite yoyo types is : No Hubstacks, Flat rims , metal , heavy , unresponsive and have a wide gap . Somewhere between 20-40$ like a T5 from MagicYoYo .

Hope that you guys can help me out and appreciate it :wink:


Never used it but the shinwoo dolphin is all metal in your price range and reasonable gap and weight.

(Waylon) #3

How’s about a T5?


T5 sounds perfect. If you want a plastic yoyo, get a protostar.


Oh, I completely recommend a Magic YoYo T5. Way affordable, fantastic performance. I really like those V-type shapes.

Other options that are just outside your budget but might be work looking at include:
YoYofficer Aura. I like this so much I’m gonna get a Brave and Crayon. But at $50(Aura), $60(Brave) and $45(Crayon), those re all outside your budget. Amazing performance.
sOMEThING Firmy, but again, the price is above your spending range at $65 but is well worth it. I snagged one for $40 off BST. Wow! Plays far above it’s selling price.

Going with a different shape but still a V is the C3YoYoDesign DiBase. If you’re looking for a rounder shape, the delrin Halo is also nice. I think you may like the DiBase better, but at $55, you’re over budget.

As far as what YYE current offers in an all metal under $40, the Shinwoo Dolphin is one of your few choices. The C3 Token is nice, but as it’s very undersized, it has to be on the lighter size and I think you want more fuller sized. I like the Token. The other is the YYF Popstar, and my opinion is my own, and my opinion on this is that I have played it and I hate it.

I have absolutely no issues recommending the Magic YoYo T5. It’s a shape I like, they sell it in a color I like, it plays amazing, it’s way affordable(You can score these for less than $12 shipped to your door if the timing is right) and just really blows you away on price vs. performance. Oh, and I have a T5, and I really enjoy it, in case you couldn’t tell.


Wow, Studio42 . The more you describe about the T5 , the more i wants it hehe ^^. And to my opinion , i don’t like plastic yoyo very much so the Popstar gotta go .

But on the other hands, i could considered buying the Shinwoo Dolphins as you guys suggested since obviously you guys have some expreriences with it . But for now i’m still at the bottom trying to climb from A to Z so those out-buggets yoyos gotta wait .

But on the bright side is tomorrow my dad’s gonna buy me a T5 woohoo. Since i’m doing well at school and behave :smiley:

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Nice job! Keep it up :slight_smile:


Have fun with the T5


Dangit , T5 is all sold out , now i’ve gotta wait until next month >:(


Just a bit of curious , does a DV888 consider to be a good yo ?


Well, it’s a good throw, but it’s smaller than it looks. I wouldn’t recommend it for the point your at. I have been throwing for 2 years, and have had a DV888 for 1. It’s a fun throw, (so fun that I found a very good deal on another one) but the gap is small and it can be difficult to land tricks on. You’re call though! :smiley:


Well , consider the DV888 is all out the list since i don’t like small gap yoyo . Maybe i’ll try Break Beat yo since man they have an awesomely hugh gaps and i did play with it because my buddy let me to ^^

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The other magic yoyos play nicely, too. They’re always worth looking at. I had an N5 and loved it. But I gave it to a friend who needed a yoyo.

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The Dv888 fits your preferences exactly. Do yourself a favor and buy it.


Never played it, but a lot of people seem to like the RecRev TA-1. And it’s only $39.95 or something like that.

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Here you go:

Three magic yoyos for $40.


I just got a protostar a few days ago to use as my outdoor throw (I refuse to throw an expensive metal yoyo over bricks and concrete). It plays extremely well for $35. I can pull all of my tricks and combos on it with plenty of spin left. The only thing I don’t like about the protostar is the weight distribution I guess… It plays like a rock on a string. I suppose I prefer floaty yoyos (never really thought about it until just now).

I would definitely recommend it though.


The T5 is definitely a good choice. But there are some pretty good new throws that are in that price range, and are both plastic. The Shaqlerstar and the trigger.


How about a Turning Point- Positron , a friend of mine using it and recommended me that


Wimp. :wink: Chucking plastic whips over concrete all day (mind you, some people wouldn’t consider my Capless “expensive” compared to boutique throws; all the same, I’d do it with a top-end YYR, too).

Did I already recommend a Chaser from the plastic world? Can’t remember. Really fun throw. Speedy, heavy, and aggressive. Or on the other end, Lyn Fury is fun and light.