Advice required in purchasing an all plastic yoyo!

My shortlist is as follows:

  1. Trigger by YYJ
  2. Protostar by YYF
  3. DV888 by YYF
  4. Chaser by YYJ
  5. Northstar by YYF

Personal style:
I basically require a new throw meant for 1A COMPLETELY (so versatile throws capable of other styles do not interest me).
I’m mainly looking for a FAST and SPEEDY yoyo (that basically suits Paul Han’s fast paced style; I’m a big fan XD). But this should not compromise on its STABILITY and SMOOTHNESS. It should also have LONG spin times. The ability to grind is not essential, though it is PREFERRED.
I want an everyday yoyo, which is also suitable for competitions.
[I’m more inclined towards the chaser, protostar and the trigger at the moment].

Suggestions will be appreciated. Peace.

Protostar is amazing. Get it, you won’t be disappointed.

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None of those are all plastic. They all have a metal weight ring 'cept the DV888 which is all metal.

Out of those listed I’d go for the ProtoStar, with the North/ShaqlerStar and Trigger also being very good options.

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To the OP: thanks for being descriptive and specific.

I’ve thrown the Northstar and Trigger. I much prefer the Trigger. It’s extremely stable and feels better to my hand.

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So you want a Fast, Smooth, Stable, And the ability to grind? The only one there on your list that seems to fit the Bill is the trigger. The DV888 is metal, so that is actually perfect for what you want but it’s not plastic. So if you want something that will last a little longer get that DV888 even though it’s not plastic. Other than that just go ahead and get the trigger.

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Since you said grind
I’d say trigger

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I got a ProtoStar as my first plastic, and it fits what you want, except for maybe grinds since plastic isn’t the best for that. It is fast, speedy and stable, and excellent for the price. I’ve tried a NorthStar and it was almost the same, but I still prefer the ProtoStar over it.

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Guys, thanks a million for everything! Really appreciate it. :smiley:
One more thing, between the protostar, trigger and the chaser, which is the fastest and most agile throw? Coz I really wanna create somewhat of a blur whenever I perform. :stuck_out_tongue: You know, the kind of throw made for fast paced tricks (similar to Paul Han’s style of 1A).
Thanks again.

That’s more to do with you than the yoyo. Paul Han could do it with a brick.

Lol…fair enough mate.

I’m being PM’d to help out in this one by the OP. An honor.

OK, we can see that we have serious budget issues. The good side is that for the most part, the poster has made some excellent choices. Interestingly enough, it’s all stuff I have. Whew! I can talk intelligently.

The list:

  1. Trigger by YYJ
  2. Protostar by YYF
  3. DV888 by YYF
  4. Chaser by YYJ

The requirements:
Fast and Speedy
1A dedicated
Smooth and stability
Grind a desired option but not mandatory.

The Trigger and Protostar meet the speed and stability. The Chaser is faster.
The Trigger, Protostar and Chaster are plastics, and they all have some vibe. While mine are rather smoth, the bottom line is there is a little vibe, but you know what, I personally don’t have any issue with this.
All play smooth and stable, but the dv888, being undersized and how it’s made, can become more unstable easier due to a bad throw or a bad string hit. The dv888 itself is smooth and stable, but the issue is because it’s so undersized, it leave you less room for problems.

The Trigger is designed to be versatile, 1A and 5A. Grinds amazing.
The dv888 can grind, is a 1A throw.
The Protostar and Chaser are smooth and as a result, horrible grinders.

You might wish to consider metals or other models if budget allows. Yes, metals can make great “daily throws”. Not to push certain brands, but the sOMEThING V and Firmy meet your needs, as does the C3 DiBase and Capless. I’d recommend the RecRev Freq Wave, but who knows when that’s going to be back in stock. The Phenomizm and Speeder2 are also yoyos that meet your needs.

But, if we stick with your list, the Trigger is going to be your best bet. You will need to live with some vibe, but it’s not bad vibe, it’s just a little. I don’t mind a little vibe, in fact I like it, so I know the yoyo is there. The Chaser would be my 2nd choice, but that’s due to preferences over the Protostar, and I see people compete with the Protostar all the time and do very well with it.

I have been wanting a Trigger since May of 2012 since I tried one at BAC but heard about it when it was approaching completion. I won one a while ago, and I liked it so much I bought a second.

I’m voting a no on the dv888. I don’t feel it’s a competition throw due to the size. I also don’t enjoy this one as much as the others. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with the yoyo, it is what it is. It’s one of those things where it just isn’t an ideal fit for me. When pushed, the yoyo doesn’t respond well to fast play and if you are less than flawless, you can start to lose stability fast, but then it cascades quickly into spin out due to the compactness of the yoyo. I have no regrets with my purchase and no desire to sell mine. I feel it’s a necessary item to have in inventory and a good yoyo to train with.

This is the first time I have ever disagreed with you. I feel the Dv888 is a much better throw than what you have said. No, i dont have as much experience as what you seem to have but I have played my fair share of throws. Out of the throws in my collection, the Dv888 outplays my Capless in a lot of ways, as well as my Genesis. I did however put a Trifecta in it and sillicone it. This may be part of the reason, but even with the Trifecta in the Capless I felt it still outplays it. I also have three Dv888’s and each one plays great.

In response to the thread, I would also suggest you look into the SEVERE. There has been a lot of hype over it and that why i ordered one.

I would suggest the YoYoFactory Severe… I think it’s alot better than the ProtoStar and Trigger but you pay just a tad more. It’s well worth it and it’s alot faster and lighter than both the ProtoStar and Trigger.

This isn’t about agreement or “right or wrong”. It’s merely a preference. The dv888 is not a favorite of mine. My preferences are my own. At the same time, I fully accept and respect your difference of opinion. Right there, this difference of opinion is what is valuable to this discussion. It’s actually BETTER that you’ve chosen to contribute your contrasting point of view regarding the dv888. This is helping to ensure that the OP gets a more balanced perspective of the yoyo. We also have to understand that any yoyo can have those who don’t like it. It’s how it goes.

I will heed your suggestions. I don’t need to silicone my dv888 as the pads are in fine condition. I might pop a Trifecta in there since I have 3 of them laying around and another 4 on the way.

Regarding me personally, I’ve pretty much got all the YYF I am interested in. With 30 of their models, I’ve pretty much got what I want. So, I’m definitely not anti-YYF. I don’t think I’ll ever be anti-YYF. However, I have zero interest in the Severe. And that’s fair. I at the same time refuse to say anything negative about it.

No interest in the SEVERE? im impressed.Not a fan of delrin?

I have several delrin yoyos, which include the TA-1S, V, Half & Half, Halo and the Delta. I like Delrin. I’m constantly playing the Halo and V the past few days.

The Severe just didn’t do anything for me. I was “gee, OK, whatever”. It’s just a matter of preferences, that’s all.

Look who uses it. Tyler Severance. How much input he had in this, who knows. Who cares. But he’s using it. I can’t say anything negative about him in any way. But, even they know that not all yoyos will suit all players. I will say this:
If YYF restricts this to being a “Champions Only” limited release, that would be foolish. I know for a fact this has the potential to be a top selling item if they let it.

While I may collect, I don’t want stuff in the collection that I don’t like. Otherwise, I’m collecting to collect and that’s not purposeful for me. I collect to play. As much as I like variety, if something doesn’t click almost immediately, I know it’s not for me.

Fair enough. I also think that if they let it, it could be the best selling yoyo they have