to start
i’ve duncan Dragon Fly and it’s spin for mm let’s say 15-25 sec …

i already know all beginner tricks , most of the intermediate and now i feel that the yoyo cant help me out to go further.

in my mind i think to take Dark Magic Or Revolution,

so my requests

  • i want a yoyo that spin for really long time
  • i want a yoyo that is completely unresponsive “note: it will be better if i can switch to responsive”
  • price not that important i want to see the best with the less

Dude, the ProtoStar is screaming at your face. Get one… now.

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Do you want a plastic yoyo or a metal rimmed yoyo?

is this one better then the one i mentioned?
Average spin time ? and it’s unresponsive right can i swich it?


i think metal will be better

revolution i think it better than the dm (i have a dm). i think you should get that or a protostar if you dont mind a plastic (the protostar will be only unresponsive. even with thick lube it wont be very responsive. it is big, H shaped.) :slight_smile:

edit: but if you want a full metall by any chance (it will cost a little more) then i can recommend one also.

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thanks i think i will go with your advise

Protostar would make you happy.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, I’d highly recommend the dv888.

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It’s better than any YoYoJam or any other yoyo in the $0-$50 price range IMO. There is no such thing as an average spin time. It will spin long enough for you to do all of your tricks. You won’t really want to switch it, because soon; very very soon you’ll be throwing 100% unresponsive. You would regret buying one that can switch back and forth… The ProtoStar can take you from beginner to pro easily. It has been used to win too many competitions, and I highly suggest you buy one. It’s possibly the most popular plastic yoyo out there. Just because the price is low… doesn’t mean it’s a bad yoyo… trust me it’s not.

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if you really want to do 1A
then i suggest getting a YYF
and of them would be good
ive seen protostars
and i dont think their very good
but then
what am i to judge
i dont even have 1
so i suggest getting a G5
it spins very long
had a great H shape
Get it…

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There’s a great deal on the dv888 today:

I learned how to play unresponsive with a Velocity and Dark Magic.

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thanks all i really appreciate

but know i more confused between Revolution , Dv888 and Protostars

Forget the Revolution… just forget it trust me. I have both a dv888 and a ProtoStar and I like my ProtoStar waaayyy better! The Dv888 might just be a little much for someone at your level. I still think ProtoStar for you my friend. :wink:

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:slight_smile: ok but i think protostar is easy to break like when the string cut and it fall down i should say bye bye :slight_smile: it’s plastic ,
one more thing do you have Revolution it seems you try one and didn’t like it>

yes so the protostar if you want a plastic and the dv888 if you want a metal

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you are right … i suppose

This above bolded statement is false. It is used by pros to win tons of competitions, trust me, it’s better than most of the metals I’ve owned, and have tried. I still think the Dv888 is a bit much for you at this point.

i got the perfect solution , i will buy the both yoyo dv888 and protostars
i will use the protostars until i be ready for the dv888 i’m right right?
one more thing is this the dv888 YYF DV888 – YoYoExpert

Um… I guess. You really don’t need to spend the extra money when the ProtoStar is WAY better.

What you’re doing is trying to say that the ProtoStar isn’t as good as the Dv888, because it’s plastic. Well you’re wrong I have tried the Dv888 and owned a ProtoStar, and I think that the ProtoStar has better playability then the Dv888, IMO. People have taken tons of titles using the ProtoStar, and 0 for the Dv888. I’m not saying that the Dv888 is bad, I’m just telling you how great the ProtoStar is, and just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean that it’s not good, it’s just not good for grinds though. :wink:

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