Better than the Protostar


So back when the Protostar came out it was pretty much the best playing Plastic yoyo you could possibly get for the price.

But now-a-days, you can get some phenomenal throws for the price.

-YYJ Trigger
-YYJ Legacy 2
-YYJ Chaser

-YYF Onestar

-Duncan Raptor

-Yomega Maverick or Dash with C bearing

Anyone feel the same way I do?

The protostar is great, but I feel there are many better options.

Feel free to disagree!


I still think that the protostar is very very good. But the classic is evennbetter(for the value).



I had the classic. It wasn’t my favorite but it played great


the classic is good (one of my favorite throws) but I think it lacks that solid that the Surge has


Hmmmm, I’ll have to try the surge.


To be honest, I’m not too fond of my protostar. It’s extremely loud, it vibes, and grinds are hard on it. Other than that it handles anout anything. The onestar is a lot more fun to me, only downside is the weight. The spin times on it aren’t the best.

(UmeNagisa) #7

Better than the protostar?
Northstar :slight_smile:
My all time favorite plastic. Period


yeah I like the northstar better too because of the Midwall :slight_smile: that’s what it basically is Jensen wanted a Proto with a Midwall (my thoughts)


I’ve really been enjoying the alpha crash more

(UmeNagisa) #10

And Thats why I also adore the Summit :slight_smile:

(kclejeune) #11

Or ya know… You can like… Get a delrin.


I really enjoyed the Classic, excited to try the Surge.


I don’t disagree completely.

I agree the Protostar is great. What’s even better now is that there are now so many more affordable yoyos that are also great.


finally someone else that likes midwalled yoyos!


The alpha crash, yoyoofficer fit, magic yoyo n12 and some others come to mind.


I still think the ProtoStar is worthy at that price-point, unlike say the DMII and DV888 which I feel are inferior. But it’s great that are now so many reasonably priced great playing yoyos to choose from.


I’m waiting for someone to mention a unanimous victor to wear the crown.

Protostar is 4 years old this August. It has certainly stood the test of time. It wasn’t made to be mistreated, beaten on or abused. It is a precision performer and still holds its own in any discussion. Real players recognized. For that, we thank you.

That being said, 4 years is a long time in yoyos. Few other performance yoyos stay at the top for that long and we don’t see this reign being broken. Look for a refresh coming to the protostar this fall.


Lol, and I thought I was THE only one… It feels great to never be a lonely thrower… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I am still a Protostar fan. The only other plastic yo-yo that I own that beats it is my V.

That sounds wrong, but yeah…


What do you mean by unanimous victor?

Anyways I’m looking forward to this “refresh”