YYF Northstar V. Protostar

so I just got a Northstar and was wondering, what is the difference between the Northstar and Protostar?

The protostar is lighter and has just a little less spin time than the northstar. In feel they are a tiny bit diffrent, the protostar is light and pretty fast while the northstar is just a tad heavier and almost as fast. Personaly I like the protostar more, just because the northstar has a wierd feel to it…almost like it feels like it is about to run out of spin but it has a good amount more. The protostar has a great amount of spin as well but the northstar just beats it even though it feels like it want to quit.?(it is just wierd). But you will probably get pretty diffrent views if more respond to this that are completly diffrent than mine, so you really need to get both and try them both out.

I’ve noticed it does feel like its about to die, but i still get about a good minute or 2 left of throw out of it

The protostar is just a better yoyo.

Simple as that.

The Northstar simply feels more solid, while the Protostar feels floaty. It depends on what kind of play you want from the yoyo.

i dont really like light yoyos that much. but the rockstar i like even though its abit light

Yes, in my opinion, this.

I have a northstar and I really don’t like it. I prefer the protostar.

i guess ill have to get a protostar and try it

I’m not a huge fan of either; in my opinion they are both way over-rated.

… But if I had to pick one, it would be the Protostar- But that’s because I tend to like lighter yo-yos more than heavy ones.

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But I have a Protostar. I like it, it’s not a favorite, but I like it. I don’t dislike it, but I just have lots of other stuff that I like better, such as the DM2, my CLWY’s, OD’s and many others. I am planning to get a Northstar as well. Overall, I have had good luck with the YYF products I own and like YYF as a company.

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I DO agree though

I like my northstar but I don’t own a protostar yet so I can’t really judge. I bought the northstar knowing that I was going to get a proto anyway. Seems like everyone agrees that they are both about the best plastics you can get though. Outside of heavily modded fhzs that is…let the plastic bashing begin :slight_smile: