Protostar vs Northstar

Between Protostar and northstar, which one is better?

No yoyo is better than another though, keep that in mind.

They are almost the same except for variety of color and that Protostar feels much more lighter and more hollow. But don’t under-estimate Protostar because of this, it’s a beast at tricks. I thought it would spin out easily but it actually does Ladder Escape with enough leftover spin par to my Raptor. It also plays quite fast in frontstyle. Northstars are great too does almost the same. Both have shape and small bearing wall, Gyroscopic Flops tend to be easier as the string doesn’t touch the sides as much.

It really depends if you want light or slightly heavier.

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It really comes down to weight and colour. Though I have tried both the NorthStar and the ProtoStar and thought that thumb grinds are a lot easier to pull off on the ProtoStar, but that’s it really.

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Forgot to mention: Both yoyo’s are the worst for grinds palm or finger grinds. Unless you satin it.

I get more satisfaction from the Protostar than the Northstar. It really depends on your taste for speed and for weight. The Protostar is faster than the Northstar, otherwise the performance is practically the same between them as you can do master level tricks and beyond with them, even the starlite too.

Lastly, be wary of loose statements such as no yoyo is better than another hehe, well this faux sage advice is grossly overstated and over generalized. To even believe all yoyos are the same is a joke, because there are too many variables involved in design, construction and other independent characteristics and integrities. Only the very select designs may fall into this category. The breadth of the market is just too broad to apply this across the board. Plus, it insults the idea, the effort, the research, the design, the designer, and the brand. By this logic a 1940’s wooden yoyo, a 1950’s Duncan imperial or a 1970’s Butterfly is as good as today’s Hspin Pyro 3, Avalanche, PRO, 888x Genesis, etc…??? Get Real. Even among today’s generation of yoyos, there are differences for and against. Only through direct experience and with the time you spend with various models, you’ll see just how apparent these differences will be. Good Luck…

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Thank you all of you! :smiley: :smiley: But if you can have a protostar or a northstar, which one will you choose. ???


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Faced with the same choice as you I went for the ProtoStar. But go for what you like. C=

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so proto imo.
(zecora doent like, the ryming about my bike…[end random])

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I find at my (low) level of skill the Northstar, protostar and starlight all do everything i want.

If I was forced to only choose one, It would be dificult.

My Protostar is set for freehand, my 2 Northstars are used for 2-hand stuff.

My advice: Choose the colour you like, regardless of yoyo name.

My two cents…


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I would choose Protostar. I feel its more hollow and it easily gets through tricks. Can’t put it down.

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IMO, the Protostar has cooler colors. It also feels quite hollow, but dont fear. The Protostar plays as good as my $100+ metals. Both suck at arm and palm grinds, or wherever you grind, I don’t judge. But for IRG’s I found it easier to find the IRG lip on the Protostar. Both are very similar though. Hope I helped!

Get a protostar all the way!!! ;Dthe northstar and protostar are exactly the same except the protostar tends to be a lot faster for me and that the protostar can IRG a load more easier. I also prefer the protostar colours over the northstar because the colour really shines in light and makes it look soooooo good!!!