Protostar Vs Northstar

What is the difference in play?? and personally which do u like better?

The Northstar is heavier and plays slower on the string. The protstar plays much faster, and feels hollow. Don’t let this deter you though, it is a great cheap throw. So I say Protostar if you play fast, and Northstar if you don’t want to play as fast. I think the protostar Looks better, but I like my Northstar a BIT more. Just a small bit, because I don’t play as fast as oher speed demons. They both have the same shape too. Also be aware: THE NORTHSTAR IS PRONE TO CRACKING. 2 of mine have.
Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

Does the hollowness feel like the hollowness in the starlite?

I personally like the northstar better just because it’s heavier and seems to bind a bit more well than the protostar from all of them I’ve used, but the only problem is that the northstar cracks easier but I’ve only had 2 tiny cracks that don’t affect the performance. But overall they are both great yoyos that play very smoothly so it only matters if you prefer heavy or light.

Please note that the later runs of the northstar fixed the cracking issue.

really is the cracking issue really fixed (do u know 100%)

protostar is better it plays amazingly fast its awesome ;D

To me they are almost the same.
I find the Northstar a tiny bit more stable with a heavier feel.
I Find the Protostar a tiny bit faster with a lighter feel.

But they are both awsome, either way you will be happy.

I have 2 Northstars and getting a third.
I have 2 Protostars also.

I have no cracking issues with either.
I hit brick with a northstar the other day, small scratch thats all.


just like everyone else said, the Northstar is the same yoyo just alittle bit heavier and not quite as fast on the string. I own the Protostar and I’ve played the Northstar as well. The Protostar seems more capable of doing any trick I throw at it.(my opinion) The Northstar is great as well, but when I compare the two side by side, the Protostar can be very fast and the “light-weight” feel can be overcome once you get used to the yoyo. The Northstar is slightly heavier and seems alittle “easier” at first but in the end, I feel that the Protostar is slightly more capable a yoyo, especially if your have a straight, hard throw. I just think that the light weight feel of the Protostar is more than compensated for by the overall performance. The Protostar is definitely the best plastic yoyo I’ve ever thrown!

Good luck in choosing!

hmm thanks for the advice

Neither yoyo is superior than the other guys. Both are more than capable of performing any trick you can throw at it.

Both are H Shaped making string hits a bit easier.

PRotostar is lighter, thus faster and…“feels lighter.”

Northstar is heavier. supporting a more relaxed play style. It can move though if you want it to…

I’d say the northstar. I’ve knocked mine all over the place and it hasn’t cracked. In fact i find it to be pretty durable because all i have are a few scratches and scuffs.

also the northstar glows in a blacklight and i like to play in the blacklight :slight_smile:

and for those who say the northstar plays slower, well this may be true, but the northstar can play pretty freaking fast.

OP; what yoyos do you own besides the Dm2? What have you tried and liked or disliked? Think about certain characteristics in all of these that made the yoyo feel “natural” to you and make a decision based on that. Either way, you won’t be disappointed because both throws’ bang exceed their buck.

i also own a speeder 2 and i like the dm2 but the dm2 seems a bit too heavy for me and the protostar is somewhat in between the 2 weights so i think ima try the protostar

i like the NorthStar the best. the weight is awesome compared to the protostar
so i think you should get the NorthStar

My friend has a northstar and rank it up there with my BvM.