Northstar or Protostar?

I personally like the shape of both. I prefer heavier yoyos but I’ve heard that the northstar cracks a lot. Did they fix that? Which should I get?

Personally I like the protostar better but if you like heavier yoyos you would probably like northstar better. I have had one for awhile with no issues of cracking, but like anything if you hit it on cement or over tighten there could be a problem.

both are solid yoyo’s and you wont be disappointed with either. However if you like heavier yoyo’s i would say get the northstar, and im pretty sure they fixe the cracking problem, someone who knows for sure will post

Cracking problems has long since been fixed. I have a pre production Northstar that hasnt cracked on me after a solid month of being dropped during 5A so i trust them. The only difference now is weight

I have both. I got the Protostar off BST for a great price and ordered the Northstar new. I got the Protostar first and it has been a great yoyo and I really like it. I know some people say it feels hollow, and it may be, but it’s also loud, but that’s because the way it’s made(it is probably hollow), the shape acts as a resonating chamber which amplifies the noise. It’s fun and stable and spins a long time on a good throw. Mine is very smooth with very little vibe and is a great player.

The Northstar on the other hand, is just a tiny big heavier and as a result, I do like it better. It feels more solid too. Like the Protostar, mine is very smooth, showing about the same amount of vibe as the Protostart. In either case, the vibe isn’t enough to prevent enjoyment or play of the yoyo. It’s also fun, stable and long spinning. As a result of the weight, it does move a bit slower, but not much.

Both are horrible grinders as they have smooth surfaces. If you’re into IRG’s, then these probably aren’t going to work well for you. They aren’t really intended to be modified to accept hubstacks either. But, if you ignore those issues, for the money, you get an amazing plastic that truly does perform above and beyond many metals 2-4 times the cost.

Do be aware that the spacers tend to get stuck on the inner race of the bearing. This is normal and will not affect play. Just be careful when removing the bearings for cleaning when you need to.

This is so great! ^ I have a Northstar ( I think Studio42 called the Protostar Protostart twice, just an honest mistake.) I love the weight of the yo-yo. Some people say that it cracks easily, but the newer versions are better. They still crack if you hit it hard. (Give it some love! It’s a plastic yo-yo!) You probably should use it over a rug so that if you bump (or bang) the floor it will not get broken, and it will keep it in good condition if you ever want to sell it or trade it on the B/S/T.

Hope this helps! Just remember, you said you like heavier yo-yos, the Northstar, will probably be the way to go. All in all, it is just preference.

Woah, I think I may have just pulled a Studio42! Well almost. :wink:


I said Protostart… what was I thinking… I don’t think I said Northstart… I did go back and fix my spelling errors. Thanks for pointing those out. I like to be accurate.

Also, I really don’t recommend playing over hard surfaces. Lawns, carpets and other soft-surfaces and ideal for yoyo play. Any yoyo can crack or break or take amazing amounts of damage when slammed into a hard surface, INCLUDING metals. My kids slammed my Sharp and I sent it to Landon Balk, who in addition to retapping, noted and repaired other damage. The Sharp is 100% aluminum!

Well… They are both pretty much the same. The northstar is heavier and spins longer than the protostar. The protostar is good for 3-A and 1-A. The bad about he protostar is that it is kind of floaty. It doesn’t spin for that long unless you have a very sturdy throw.

Personally I would go with the northstar since it would be better and it spins longer an it is a good beginner yoyo.

It’s all up to personnel preference. Like I said earlier I love the protostar. Not so much the northstar. Feels like a brick at times.

Yeah, I agree. I tend to gravitate towards the heavier throw (I always choose a Sasquatch over an Avalanche; and I like 2nd run Chiefs over other runs), HOWEVER when it comes to the Protostar vs. Northstar thing, I prefer the Protostar.

Like Fellavader said the Northstar feels too much like a brick. I’ve had a few, and they always have a “thunk” after a good throw.

Thanks guys I think I will get the northstar