Should I buy a Northstar?

I have a Protostar already and im wondering if I should also get a Northstar or is it worth it? Do they play the same? Do they spin for the same amount of time? Whats the difference? Thanks,


Northstar is alot different compared to the Protostar. Its alot heavier, which makes it more stable and gives it even longer spins than the protostar, and it really is worth it, because of how well it plays compared to most yoyo’s at that price range. It outplays most metal yoyo’s like the dv888 and others. So overall, the northstar is a good choice. Longer spins, and a more stable throw than the protostar. But the protostar is still good.

This was just what I needed, Thank you so much ;D

i just got a norhtstar and it plays great! its worth it. it spins as long as my DM2 and almost as long as my yuuksta. It doesn’t grind very well since its plastic, but still worth the money

The Northstar is an utterly great yoyo, and at 34.99 you can’t go wrong!

I love the protostar, so I bought a northstar just to see how it stacked up against it. The Northstar is a little sluggish compared to the protostar, but its still a great yoyo and I love mine!

Thank you guys so much ;D

I have tried the Northstar and Protostar.
IMO the Northstar feels more solid on the string, the Protostar is more floaty due to it’s weight.
Both of them are pretty good for horizontal tricks, whips and slacks.
If you want to play fast the Northstar needs a little push compared to the Protostar.

Now for the gap size the Protostar has a bigger one that means when you do tricks when you want to bind you’ll need a lot more effort with the Protostar.

But all in all both of them are good yoyos ;D

i have two ;D

It depends. On the amount of tricks you do, they do the same. But on the play; such as floatness, they do play some different.

Everything I wanted to state was all written above.

I am personally a huge fan of the northstar and protostar

The Northstar is smooth and is more solid on the string than the protostar and certainly worth buying IMO

If you already have a ProtoStar, I’d recommend checking into one of the YoYoJam bi-metals.

The Hitman Pro is absolutely incredible…

i think having the protostar and northstar is not a bad idea since they play differently. and after playing with both for extended periods of time u will better understand the difference in play between a heavy and average-weight yoyo since the only difference between them is weight and gap width.

Northstar is for slow play proto is for fast!

Both can be played slow or fast, but the weight of the Northstar tends to go slower than the Protostar.
But both of them can handle fast tricks, the Northstar just demands more effort from you to go faster.