Need some HELP (at least read this!)

If I’m wasting your time, sorry, but if you’re here to help, then coolio. I have a serious dilemma on my hands and I need a solid answer QUICK. I’m having trouble picking a Norhtstar or Protostar. With the release of the neon collection coming out soon, I have to choose quickly.
Northstar: heavier, and plays more stable I heard. Not necessarily slower, but kinda. (that made no sense)
Protostar: lighter, less stable but still good. more fluent you could say?

Please help out! One of these two yoyos will be my next for a long time so plz help!

More fluid is what they say.

Anyhow, I have a Protostar. I like it. I want a Northstar and I’m sure I’ll like it as well.

Either are winners and the same price.

Take which one looks better to you. They are so insanely similiar there is no reason to stress :slight_smile: I have a Northstar and its wonderful, here the same thing about both. If oyu want a concrete answer though, get that sweet neon pink proto :slight_smile: i tend to prefer the 65-67 range anyway

I like protostar better, because it is really fast, but if you don’t like fast yoyo then Northstar is what you should choose.

I also chose protostar mainly because of the look more than the play. I’ve been told the play very very similar, but I prefer yoyos with a “See through” translucent look. The Solid plastic on the north star didnt appeal too well with me.

They are pretty much the same yoyo, except the Northstar is a couple of grams heavier. Pretty easy to adjust to either way. I used the same logic as BlueMajin, but went with the Northstar, because I prefer the opaque, non-see-through colors. ;D

Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a Protostar is a light-weight yoyo. At 67 grams, it’s heavier than your average mid-weight throw (about 65-66g). The Northstar, by contrast, coming in at 69.5 grams is a pretty heavy yoyo. Even a Starlite (65.7g), the lightest of all three is a medium weight yoyo.

They are both more than stable enough. The Northstar definitely feels heavier on the string, but they both generally play at a medium pace. It’s not like one is fast and the other is slow, one is just slightly slower than the other.

They are very similar; chances are, no matter which one you pick, you’ll like it just the same. I would suggest a Protostar only because a Northstar is heavy yoyo for someone who doesn’t know if they like heavy throws yet. You really can’t go wrong either way though.

If you don’t have any criteria for what you want in a yo-yo, it’s pretty useless asking us. If you don’t know what you already like… how are we supposed to know?

Go with the color/graphic you like more. Personally, I like opaque plastic more because it is easier for me to see when siliconing/replacing pads with my astigmatism.

Or get one that will match/compliment your favorite outfits and string.

And if that doesn’t work, flip a coin. I don’t think most people will be able to tell the difference from blindfolded throws.


I used to have a Protostar, and I have a Northstar, I suggest get a Protostar.

got both, favor proto