Northstar or Protostar?


what is your favorite of the two?


Please use the search bar. There are plenty of the exact same post all over the forums. I vote proto, hehe. search and come up with at least 10 more of these.


I vote proto too out of those two. But will vote YYJ DarkMagic2 over both of them.


I agree with TMCertified i like the proto better though i like the dm2 better than both


Get it in your favorite color:

Next question?


Now that I finally have a proto I agree with everyone else. Go proto. Not only does it come in neon which is amazing in person but it just has a slightly better feel on the throw. Both play very well, but the proto edges out the northstar.


Proto is one of my all time favorites…

And, for every “this or that yoyo?” combination, there is already a thread somewhere…

(WildCat23) #8

Northstar is heaver, Protostar is lighter. Depends on what you like.


I’d give the edge slightly to the Protostar. Also with the new neon colors!

Really to me, it’s just a matter if you prefer translucent plastic or opaque plastic.


Don’t forget to factor in weight… Northstar is a little heavier