protostar or northstar?

protostar or northstar what do you prefer.

Protostar is my preference. I wanted to buy the northstar but then I was trying it out I just didn’t like the feel of it. Was very disappointed because I really wanted one. The protostar is my main yoyo to practice and learn new tricks on and I love it. However the northstar did win the world title last year when kimmit through it in Orlando.

I prefer my northstar. They both kind of feel hollow on the throw and both are viby out of the box but the northstar feels a bit more solid to me.

My protostar was vibe free. It’s probably your throw, but try the finger test to see.
Anyways when deciding between thees two you have to ask yourself this question: Do I like heavy or moderate weight throws? If you answered moderate get a protostar, but if you answered heavy get a northstar, or if you aanswered none because you like light throws consider getting a starlight.

It’s not my throw, my friends protostar was viby out of the box and so is my northstar.

If it’s a pulse like vibe align the arrows. If the arrows are aligned contact yyf to see what they can do.

They are both practically the same yoyo. The differences are appearance (colors) and the northstar is heavier. I don’t like either of them (I HATE that shape), but if I had to pick one, it would be the Northstar because I like heavier yoyos more than floaty ones.

Protostar over northstar IMO but I like the starlite better than both. My proto has a slight vibe but I have played smooth ones, plastic…it’s the nature of the beast. Some are smooth some have vibe but they all play well.

Both are awsome.

I have always prefered rounded yoyo’s, but the northstar and protostar sold me on the angled shape.

But if i could only choose one it would be the northstar.
Little bit heavier feel.


alright i think i’ve made my decision, the northstar i love heavier yoyos and thanks for you’re input

Excellent. With two fine yoyo’s to choose between, you cant go wrong anyway.



My friend ordered a northstar and I ordered a protostar at the same time. I’ve been extensively using my proto and its mine so I guess I’m alittle biased but I’ve tried his and they both are absolutely great throws. I do prefer mine because it is stable while lighter in the air and on the string. Honestly, you should just pick which colour you like better and be proud it’s yours.

i got a northstar and its amazing. best throw out there for te price. im learning 5a easily with it too. NORTHSTAR


A solid choice IMHO.

Have Fun.