Northstar or Protostar


Northstar all the way. Little plastic vibe, great yoyo !

There different, protostar plays faster and floatier and northstar plays solider. I prefer Protostar (so far).

yea the protostar is fast and lighter not to say that the northstar is like slow but it more heavier

i like the northstar more imo

Protostar is a bit lighter, I think 3 grams, and does play very floaty.
Northstar is and feels a tad heavier on hand, but both yoyo’s can do same amount of tricks.
Both have little plastic vibe, usually doesn’t bother me with a good throw.

I like the Northstar better IMO because when there’s vibe, I don’t feel that the yoyo is “hollowed” out.
What I mean is that when the Protostar hits the end of the string, I feel this “hollow” feel and sound. And add vibe to that, “hollow” vibe. I’m fine with that, but not my favor.

My protostar is smooth.

Did I say it was not smooth?

I have a Protostar and really like my Protostar, but I generally like a more solid feeling throw so I’m thinking of getting a Northstar or Rockstar. Sometimes it just feels like my Protostar doesn’t have as much momentum behind it as I would like. Otherwise my Protostar is super unresponsive, and has a tiny vibe with the yoyo slightly overtightened (there is a slight pulsating vibe with the arrows matching).

Vibe has nothing to do with smoothness. My Protostar is very smooth, but has vibe.

Well it has all been said before, but the northstar is heavier and not as floaty. Up to you depending on your weight preference.

Ok… then my protostar is vibe free, so align the arrows and throw better. ;D