Northstar or Protostar

Im thinking of buying only ONE of these and which one should I get?

You should get protostar of you want faster play with translucent colors
Northstar if you want slower play with soild colors

Edit: thanks studio42 auto correct :stuck_out_tongue:

He meant “solid”.

I have both. Both are good. I like both. I like the Northtar better as I like heavier yoyos. The above assessment is correct though.

Neither are good grinders but are otherwise great performers.

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Lighter is better in my opinion so I prefer the starlight but its all subjective. what yoyos do you like? Pick the one whose weight matches up with your favorite.

True, starlite/protostar/northstar all have the exact same specs, the only difference is weight. Even then its is only a few grams.

Personally, I liked the weight of the northstar better. Either way, both are far too noisy for my liking anyway. Beater Genesis with 10 ball FTW.


A few grams can change a yoyo alot though.

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The gap on the northstar is also a little smaller. I have both and I think the northstar just plays all around better. It is less vibby and plays more stable. I like the northstar more eventhough I typically like lighter yoyos. plus i have the northstar in white with the red rim and it looks really nice