Northstar or Protostar?

What do you think I should get, a Northstar or Protostar?

I can’t believe the amount of times this question has been asked on these threads/youtube! Lets sticky this with the answer: if you like heavier yoyos get the Northstar if you like lighter get the Protostar.

what they said

Sorry, going into “non-helpful” mode:

Yes. You should most definitely get a Protostar or a Northstar.

Protostar my friend has one i look in to buying one


I will out-nerd you guys and go on record as stating that it is not as simple as more or less weight.

Consider that the Protostar’s weight is more concentrated in its rims, while the Northstar has a more balanced weight distribution between center and rim. Hence, they feel more different than just one weighs more than the other.

Maybe this won’t matter to some, but it makes all the difference in the world where that weight is concentrated when it comes to binding at very low RPM. Yoyos that have a greater proportion of their weight concentrated in their rims are more stable, and can be bind-returned more readily, at low RPMs than more center-weighted yoyos.

I like how the Protostar feels more. However, the Northstar is more forgiving due to its additional weight giving extra spin power and its greater proportion of center weight giving more resistance to being knocked off course by errant hand contact.

No, They added weight to the rim of the Protostar to come up with the Northstar.

I agree. Having seen a Northstar busted up, I think they are just using a different cap and a different metal for the weight ring, which is why the Protostar has a silver ring and the Northstar has a black ring.

Ill offer a professionals insight on this comparison in terms of play to hopefully guide your choice a bit.

The northstar and protostar are obviously similar in terms of shape and size, but they play quite a bit different.

The northstar has a lighter and simpler feel to it during play. Good balance that keeps it feeling stable and quick. Its a pretty fast moving yoyo compared to others and has a good amount of rim weight to keep it moving.

The protostar has a more solid feel than the northstar and tends to be slower moving, but a much more solid feeling yoyo in all. It feels to have a bit less weight on the rims but this doesnt affect its balance and stability at all.

In terms of my own preferences, I much prefer the proto over the north. The northstar has that lighter and “cheaper” feel that makes it a fun yoyo to toss around, but not for serious yoyoing for me. The protostar feels much more solid and stable for my preferences and makes it the obvious choice for me.

Really depends what sort of play you are looking for.

Either way, they both play very well, and you should be happy either way you go.

Good luck with your choice!


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I’m happy to be proven wrong, but the Northstar weight ring has an undercut and it has a thick solid plastic cap and the Protostar doesn’t. So where is the additional weight? Based on both feel and appearance (in this non-professional’s insight) there was some weight added to the center. Other than that, I agree with what was said above about their difference in play.

FWIW, I reviewed these two plus the Starlite and specifically talked about their different weight distributions on that other forum… and if I was wrong then, I’m wrong now but all YYFBen said was “thanks” but hey, maybe I can still be edumacated. So there’s that.

I think you got those reversed. The Northstar feels more solid, and is heavier. Of the two, I prefer the Northstar.

Not reversed at all.
I have owned many of both, and always found the Protostar to be the more solid and heavier feeling of the two, with the northstar feeling lighter and less solid.
Something about its design and build causes it to be as such during play in my opinion.

Both very good regardless of course.


I know the Northstar is the heavier of the two, and to me it feels more “solid” and heavier, but I like that.

But I do agree that both are very good.