protortar or northstar

i asked jon ando and he said protostar well of course he designed it. so protostar or northstar i cant choose. so you decide

Protostar is lighter and stable.
Northstar is quite heavier than protostar, but has little more stability.

I like protostar better because I like lighter yoyo.

and this thread is in the wrong section, i think.



Um also I vote for Protostar. I feel that the protostar is a solid type but still a little floaty, which is really good. That is because the weight distribution of the protostar is more towards the rims makin it have the solid feel. Protostar is quite more durable than protostar less vibe i think. " ithink it has lessvibe that northstar"
Now Northstar weight distribution in more towards the center. Feels kinda weird for me. The feel on the rims of the yoyo is so light but so heavy on the Center, but still a wonderful yoyo.
Both are great choices but id go with Protostar. U wont go wrong if u pick either one

Protostar all the way. Stable, light, fast, spins long that you just do your tricks and it just spins. It’s like no stopping for Protostar and Northstar but I like Protostar just because.


You could look at it this way, if you have a heavy throw already like the dark magic then maybe you would like to try a lighter, faster throw like the Protostar which is 67 grams vs. the Northstar which is 69.5 grms.

protostar i hear northstar breaks easily

Protostar and Northstar’s material are the same.

its both made out of polycarbomnate but the weight rings on the northstar are larger causing it to have more preasure causing it to break

2.5 grams is a narrow margin. Both are great. I just added a northstar to my collection, and I’ve had a protostar for quite some time. Ask yourself if you like translucent colors or solid colors and let that decide for you because they both are identical in many ways.