Northstar vs. Protostar

I have heard great things about both of these throw and will eventually have both. But for now I was wondering, which do y’all like better. Like I said, I will have both someday so it’s not a wich is better type of question. So, which one do you prefer or are they the same to you?

I have both. I like the Northstar better because it’s heavier and moves slower. I have no problem grabbing either.

I like the Protostar because it’s lighter and faster.

Same here.
I like floatier throw, even though the northstar is more stable.

I don’t feel the Northstar is more stable. Both are really great. I find them to be pretty much equally stable.

I was wondering if they are the same size because i tend to like larger throws.

Yes. Their width, gap and diameter are the same. The caps, which aren’t intended to be removed, are different, as are the weight rings. But the rest is pretty much the same best I can tell. Same shape and everything.

So how do the two play? Which is fast which is slow or stability and the likes.

They both play great. The Protostar is lighter and plays faster. The Northstar is heavier and plays slower. Both are very stable and long spinning. Both use spacers and the CenterTrac bearing. Both are smooth so they don’t grind very good.

Some people have complained of vibe. Mine are smooth.

My Northstar is a great yo-yo.

I have both, like both… everything said here has been right on - to be honest they both play close to the same - north is a little heavier, so it plays heavier - protostar us a little more floaty… I can’t speak for the metals in the Star line - but from lightest to heavy : Starbrite, Protostar and Northstar - each has the same shape, different weight. So they all play similar, just a matter of what you can do with more or less weight…

The Starbrite is actually a decent performer at it’s price. I’d rather play my Asteroid, but I’m glad I have the Starbrite. The Starlight is a big heavier, but still less than the Protostar, but also at $10 or so less.

I am a huge fan of both the protostar and the northstar. I got the the northstar first but either way they are both great. Like some other posters have said the proto is lighter and plays faster while the northstar is heavier and plays a little slower. I agree with studio the stability is about the same. Really you just have to decide whether or not you want light and fast or slow and steady. I do grab the northstars i have more than the protos. I have 3 northstars, 2 protostars and a starlight, like I said I’m a fan. Oddly enough I prefer plastics over metals They are cheap, they play well and I dont have to worry about dings!