protostar or northstar


Hey guys, can’t decide which to get. I know that the northstar is a little heavier than the protostar, but are there any other differences? Which one would you reccomend? Thanks for the help!


Protostar for a lighter, slower paced play. And Northstar for a heavier, faster paced play. Both are truely awesome. You wont be dissapointed!


Both are very good choice. They don’t seem to vary too much in floatness or pace though. I like the Protostar better just because I like the color. But Northstar isn’t bad either as Jensen Kimmitt won worlds with it, the possibilities are unlimited.

Although they are one of the worst for finger grinds.

(Brandon1) #4

The Protostar and the Northstar are practically the same yoyo. The only real difference is the Northstar is heavier (as you know). If you like lighter/floaty yoyos, I’d go with the Protostar, If you tend to like heavier yoyos, I’d get a Northstar. Another difference that doesn’t affect play at all is the northstar DOESN’T come in any translucent colors and the Protostar ONLY comes in translucent colors…

Hope this helps. :wink:


Besides weight, the gap of the north star is a tiny bit smaller then the protostars making it a little easyer to bind especially after a long combo.