Northstar vs. Protostar

Hey guys, as you can tell I’m asking which one would be better, Northstar or Protostar. If you could help me that would be great. I’m kinda leaning towards the Northstar. Thanks! ;D

I like the protostar better. Just fit in my hand more comfy. Their both good spinners and will do the same thing each other does.

The protostar and northstar are these same dimensions/shapes, just different weights.

Northstar is heavier and slower. Protostar is lighter and moves faster.

Choose by expected performance, as they are otherwise identical.

Wow… A friend of mine had those and I tried them. They felt differently. I never even notice they were the same. Must have been the weight that threw me off. Why release the same yoyo under different names just cuz of a couple of grams.

They have a whole series:

Each one lighter than the other(from top to bottom), same shape/dimensions. I guess it is a popular shape. But you don’t want to release different weight yoyos with the same name, usually.

There are other differences as well. The sides are different. The Northstar is flat, the Protostar has a “bubble”, the Starlight has no visible weight ring and there appears to be no cap, per say, and the Starbrite has a cap that covers the outside completely.