Protostar Vs. Northstar


whats better for general 1a or 5a play

(WildCat23) #2

Protostar’s faster, that’s all.


I don’t know how many proto vs north threads there have been. That’s what the search bar is for. If you went advanced search and limited it to “Looking for help/recommendation,” and searched “Protostar vs Northstar,” you’d probably get at least 50 results.


I like the ProtoStar’s weight best (Think it’d be better for 5A as well.) and you can better do IRGs with the ProtoStar.


IMO the Northstar plays a bit more floaty, but otherwise they are very similar.


It’s your choice… It’s already been said, proto is faster… Base the choice off how you play


I got both of them. I suggest you do the same. They are both awesome throws to add to or start your collection.


ihave the protostar and it broke. i hear the northstar used to get a giant crack but thats fixed. whats the difference between the north/protostar and the star lite? isnt it basically the same but glowing?


The starlight doesn’t have metal weight rings, it uses thicker plastic rings instead but the weight still isn’t quite as much as the proto. Weight is the key difference between the plastic “star” models.


Either are are good. Get the Protostar if you want fast and light and the Northstar if you want heavy and floaty. Or, get both and figure it out on your own which YOU ultimately like best.

I like both but the centertrak seems to make the northstar seem heavier on the string. I might try a flat on it when I get back.