YYF Protostar vs YYF Northstar


I’ve been thinking to get either the Northstar or the Protostar. I’m not sure which one to get! I’ve heard great reviews about both yoyos, but I just want to know which one is better. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Here we go again.

It’s all about preferences. The Northstar is heavier and hence moves a bit slower. The Protostar is lighter and is a bit speedier. Other than that, they are the same physical dimensions and use the same bearing. The caps are different but that’s not a big deal. Obviously, the weight rings on the Northstar are either bigger or of a different material.I can’t tell by eye and I have both sitting in front of me right now.

The Northstar tends to be solid colors while the Protostar is usually translucent.

Both are great. Pick what you like. Or both.


Personally I found that they play the same. Just choose the prettiest to you


Like what studio 42 said basically which every one you like better a lighter and speedy one or a heavy and a bit more slow one. Personally i like the protostar better since its easy to move around the place though the northstar is more stable.


Me personally, I’m going to pick up a Protostar tomorrow in Neon :smiley: I’ll let you know how it is, but I’ve heard nothing but praise for this yoyo.

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as an expert at commenting in proto vs north threads, the proto is lighter and faster, and the north is heavier and more stable, other than that, they are the same; center tracks, great performence, dont grind well, thumb grinds are ok if your careful…


I also heard that you can’t pop off caps on both yoyos, so if the axle becomes loose, you can’t replace it. Please tell me if this is true.


They are designed so that the axle can’t pop out so no need for removable caps


I have heard of some instances when Northstars cracked randomly because of the temperature. I have however not heard of anything like that for the Protostar.