Which yoyo? (This is a very long one)

Help me…
And… If possible, please don’t introduce anymore choices, or I will really go confused. :frowning:

So… Here goes.

-I want an unresponsive yoyo, I don’t really care it’s plastic or metal (metals have a SLIGHT advantage as I never had one)
-Size… Doesnt really matter. As long as it’s not smaller than a Duncan FH2
-Weight… I don’t care.
-Shape… No, not really important either
-Response… Must be able to accept RTV’s (flowable silicone)
-Price… Try to get it cheap. But it’s ok if i’s expensive.
-Oh, I want a yoyo which has hubstacks, or anything of that sort, but I’m thinking twice about it.

So… Here goes the choices (VEERY RANDOM, I know.)

YYF PGM-because it is cheap, and has stacks, and is unresponsive and is good.
YYF Protostar-It’s the best plastic yoyo ever (unresponsive, wide gap, the usua yada yada, and is cheap)
Werrd XXXXL-wide gap, capable of hubstack play, metal yoyo, a bit too expensive for me.
SPYY Skyy Chaser-looks awesome, metal yoyo, and I heard it’s good. And somehow I want an SPYY.
YYJ Meteor-Metal yoyo, unresponsive, and because it’s Mickey’s signature yoyo.

So… Thanks in advance people! :smiley:

The Protostar isn’t the best. I honestly didn’t really like it that much.

Honestly, I have no idea what to say here. Without giving an idea of size, weight, and shape you want, you’ll just have to pick one, maybe even randomly. They’re all great yoyos, though, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

They don’t matter that much to me.
Only the size is that it should not be smaller than the Duncan FH2. :-\

All of those yo-yos are smaller in diameter than the FH2, just in varying amounts.
The FH2 is 57mm in diameter.
The SKYY Chaser is 49mm in diameter, so it’s out.
The XXXXL is 52mm in diameter, so it’s out.
The Protostar, PGM, and Meteor are all 56mm in diameter.

The PGM is the lightest of those three at 63 grams.
The Meteor is a little heavier at 64 grams.
The Protostar is the heaviest at 67 grams.
For comparison, the Freehand 2 is 70 grams.

If you like the big and heavy feel of the Freehand 2 then I suggest the Protostar.

The old FH2 is 70g? O_______O
I read it was like 63 or so O_O

Okay sorry. Weight doesnt matter.
Just that the size shouldnt be smaller than a normal yo.

givin what you listed, I’d say the go with the meteor.

Hmm… Will see if I can get it. Why?

Reccomend the Protostar or the XXXXL. Proto star has a great shape. i think you will like itt. xxxxl has a similar shape to the freehand except smaller.

How about a Werrd TFL?

They are good. I like mine. Though they aren’t really anything except a XXXL without the posts for jimmy hats.

That’s exactly why I want a XXXL for. Jimmy hats :stuck_out_tongue:
Or… in other words, hubstacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I love PGM just cause it’s in my budget and the response or lack there of is Awesome

;D ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve got a protostar and a PGM. Here’s what I like/don’t like about each:
LIKE: Spins forever, extremely stable, tight binds (the response system is perfect), and the shape makes it super easy to hit tricks ‘n’ stuff
DON’T LIKE: It’s really big. You can’t do chopsticks tricks with it, unless you’re really good at those and/or have GIANT hands. It’s also a little bit harder to weave it in and out in tricks like ladder escape and hour glass. Also, you really can’t grind with it. IRGs are okay, though.

LIKE: Hubstacks ROCK, size and shape are perfect for me, and you can grind with it (but not nearly as well as you can with metals. Its better than any other plastic of tried, but doesn’t even come close to my Pyro Lite. Not by a long shot)
DON’T LIKE: Weight distribution sucks, so the spin times are disappointingly short. For some reason, even with flowable silicone, the response still kinda’ sucks. I think this has to do with with the weight distribution.

I use my PGM way more than my protostar. There’s stuff you just can’t do with a protostar, and that drives me nuts. You can’t do chopsticks, you can’t grind, you can’t try hopelessly to grab it out of the air by its hubstacks 'cuz it DOESN’T HAVE 'EM. There is no question about it, though: the protostar is a better yoyo than the PGM. It comes at a cost though, and it just so happens that the cost it comes at overlaps entirely with the stuff I like to do.

Hope that helps

Hmm… That still leaves me with choices… And now the list includes… A… A… WERRD TFL ><

What about a Dark magic? Its really good for all styles except 2a and it’s Andre’s signature yoyo, good price too

I’m already using a Dark Magic :stuck_out_tongue:
Just that it’s sometimes responsive

The Dv888 is also really good

Nah… It has nothing special. And… No hubs =(

if you want hubstacks get the skyy chaser it has matador which you can use like hubstacks