What's the best yoyo under $100?

For months now, I’ve been playing with a Yomega Maverick, a responsive all-metal yoyo. I made it kinda unresponsive (doesn’t return by tugging it) by cleaning the bearing and wearing out the rubber response. I’d be happy with it if it didn’t snag the string so much!!! :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m planning step up my game and buy a new yoyo. And want know from you guys: what do YOU is the best yoyo under $100?

I’ve considered the Dv888. People seem to like those. Others like things like the 888x, Genesis, BOSS, 44… the more pricier ones. But what about non-YYF yoyos? SPYYs look so cool!! But they’re too expensive :-[

And one last thing: are hubstacks worth it? They look reeeaaallly fun :smiley: but are they worth the extra $$$?

When I got my 888x, I was really syked (spelling?) about the hubstacks. What happens is you use your hubstacks a lot when you first have them, but now, 3 or 4 months after I got it, i barely use them. If I were you, I would get an 888x. They are extremely smooth, have absolutley no vibe, and their dead quiet. For 15 more dollars, you can get a konkave bearing for it, which definetly improves it.

I would go for an 888, but the premium package and konkave are your choice


Thanks, man! But I have some questions.

Are the bearings of the hubstacks identical to the one in the gap? And do you have to clean them?

When people say "vibe’, are they talking about the the very slight wobble the yoyo has when it sleeps, or the vibration you can feel from the string?

I looked at the 888 on this site, and you purchase a dvd along with the 888. What exactly is in the dvd?

Other than those questions, the 888 sounds great! ;D I’ll consider buying it.

Hubstack bearings are smaller.
There will be tricks on the dvd.

If you like Spyy but don’t want to spend $100+ just check the B/S/T. I just got a mint Addiction for $60!

There are tons of great deals just waiting for you.

if you really want a spyy then get a speed freak because i love mine. my genesis is my main throw and i like it more than the speed freak. it also depends if you like small yoyos vs full size. since i like the genesis so much i got a yuuksta and i would recomend it if you like smaller yoyos and also it has more spin time and alot more stability than the 888X

i would recomend not getting a hubstacked yoyo because with me i wanted to pull start all the time and it really screwed up my throws but the hubstacks are fun but they do add some vibe to the yoyos spin and they add center weight which decreases spin time

hope i have helped

:slight_smile: Thanks, to all of you, for your help!

So I’ve narrowed my choices to these: YYF 888x, SPYY Skyy Chaser, YYF Genesis,
and a Dv888+Raptor. I’ll post again went I set my heart on one choice.

Whatever I decide on , I’ll buy a Onedrop 10-ball C bearing for the yoyo(s). Did anybody ever try a konkave on one of these yoyos? Does it help?

What about the super G? I like it more than the genisis

)_( <----(konkave) + 888x = | |
| |
| |
| |

                                 \                      /
                                  \                    /
                                   \                  /
                                     \               /

3Yo3 Bassline. Dead smooth, well balanced, and just gorgeous

I don’t Use my hubstacks and I think the yoyo plays a little better without them. To me they’re aren’t worth the money, but I prefer non yyf, so try to look for some cheap ones on b/s/t

A few people, including myself, have recommended the B/S/T/. If you don’t want to go that route, Onedrop Dietz and Caferacer are both under $100 and are getting rave reviews.

Dv888 and Raptor play just as well if not better than the 100$ yoyo’s. Ask me for details.

Sorry guys for not replying sooner. I was on vacation 8)

I never looked at yoyos’ measurements until recently. The Super G seems like a large yoyo, which I’ve never had. I’m not comfortable with fulll-sized yoyos yet :-\

Nice smiley ;D The 888x is my top choice right now, because it’s from the 888 line of yoyos, which I know people love :smiley:

Like the Super G, it’s a large yoyo :frowning: But I agree, it is a pretty yoyo!

Well, hubstacks do add center weight and can make IRGs harder to do. But I don’t think they will affect play too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I probably won’t be getting something from the B/S/T. The Dietz and the Caferacer seems like good yoyos, but they’re relatively new yoyos. I want something that’s been approved to be a great yoyo by many.

people 8)

Yes, that’s why I want then! Kinda cheap, and people like them a lot ;D

Hubstacks sometimes do affect play quite a bit. Even my friend who once wanted PGM because of hubstacks, is annoyed and dissapointed with them now. No real physical evidence, but there are many witness’s.

I’ve only seen very few people, (actually only 2 in my life), that actually still play and love hubstacks after a month they bought them.

well I don’t see what’s wrong with buying new yoyos, like the dietz it is really good yoyo, you can change the weight with the side effects and one drop 10 ball bearing, and it is cheaper than 888x.

I’d go markmont next.

Yes, but the only yoyo I want with hubstacks is the 888x. Can you tell me how the hubstacks affect play on the 888x? I’ve never read a review by someone who didn’t like the 888x 8)

I guess you’re right. Quote from other yoyoers, “You can’t go wrong with One Drop yoyos.” And they all come with the 10-ball bearing :smiley: The 2011 888x is $100, because of the special packaging. The 888x (2010) is the same price as the Dietz. What exactly do side effects do? Are they similar to hubstacks?

Sorry guys for being so wishy-washy. This will be my first high-end yoyo. I want to choose a good yoyo.

“Dv888” “BOSS” “Bassline” “Dietz” “888x” “Raptor” “Yuuksta” “Stryker” “Dark Magic II”

Well you know, there are too many choices to choose from. Just get one that looks good to you.

You seriously can’t go wrong with either a 42$ DM2 or a 100$ 888.

All the yoyo’s you listed as great. It’s impossible for us to make a wise choice, on personal preference. Like I prefer Raptor over Dv888 and some prefer Dv888 more than Raptor while as people just say “Go Yuuksta” and at the same time someone says BOSS is great and yes it is but then people say Stryker is better and that 888 is premium go get it, and all these opinions never stop. It’s really hard to make the “good choice” cause everything you listed is well over “good”.

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