Best yoyo


Budget: up to $130(possibly cheap)
Size: doesn’t matter but possibly small(bigger than pop star)
Company: doesn’t matter
Hub stack:like to have one but not that important
Yoyos I have: DV888,Speeder 2, Avante Garde 1,2
Yoyos I’m thinking about: X Cube Aware, YYF Genesis, G5, Super Star, Primo(how is DNA?)
I’m a advanced yoyoer


Anything you’re looking at is going to be smooth.

I am not interested in the Avante Garde’s, so I’ll skip those.

SuperStar: I really like this. Smooth, stable. Like to get up and move.
Can’t say anything about the Genesis or G5. Those are on my wants list though. I haven’t played either.

DNA? I like the Mutant DNA better, big and heavy, not a fast mover, but solid on the string but doesn’t play like it’s weight. Definitely smooth and mine is a b-grade due to little ano flaws that I think look like part of the colorway. But, it’s stamped “B-Grade” so it is what it is.

If stacks aren’t important, the Code 2 with disc side effects weighs it down, slows it down, but I like it this way. Should come in under budget. The Cascade is great, but the weight is in the center, not the rims, so it’s not as best a fit for me, but still an amazing yoyo. I mention the Cascade since it’s a hot new model. Another to consider is the Burnside. OneDrop’s concept of “budget metals” is like no others: it’s amazing!

I wonder what the re-issue Avalanche is gonna run. That would be a good one.


You can’t go wrong with getting a CLYW, but based on what yo-yos you like I think you might enjoy a one drop more, like a cascade or a code 2.


I have tried the new avalanche and it is amazing. Totally would recommend one


Chiefs are dropping soon, and they are pretty amazing. el Ranchero’s are in stock right now, and they are brilliant. Both are butter smooth, without a doubt.


Can you recomend me a YYF yoyo?


if you want a yyf yoyo i suggest you go with the supernova. But you might want to look at the other companies.

Clyw- A great high quality yoyo company that hes a couple throws within your budget. Mainly the avalanche
One Drop- A great company that makes great throws the ones i reccomend are The Cascade the code 2 and if you like the shape of your dv888 the Markmont next
C3yoyodesign- Great throws at a good price and amazing quality. The throws i reccomend here are the darksonic the yeah3 and the di base


So I am a little biased but I absolutely love me G5. The single yoyo I throw the most. I have an old first run with sili in it. It is a super awesome experience. Because of the weight profile and the diameter it spins forever! It also in nice and stable on the string and has the stacks if you’re into that sort of thing. I cannot recommend it enough. All of this being said you need to be prepared for an unusual shape and a relatively narrow yoyo as well. If that’s up your alley go for it you’ll love it!


that 7075 paul kerbel MVP is very nice and smooth, much nicer than your “average high end” YYF


Try the c3 Yeah3. Trust me, its amazing! Soooo smooth. In my opinion its better then my Avalanche, and Canvas. And the thing is only 80 bucks! You wont be disappointed


PRIMO… Released after the genesis and was ignored by many due to high cost and other hyped brands and new yoyos. This yoyo is 7075 aluminum and plays amazing… You could probably find some one selling or trading for cheap… People don’t realize how good it is.

(UmeNagisa) #12

save $100

and get a Magic yo T5!

it plays similarly to a YYR Blink
and thats AMAZINGG


Although it doesn’t have hubs, the equilateral from YYF is by far the best one they have made. I throw it everyday along with my cascade. Its smooth  once the bearing breaks in, stable like a clyw and one drop. I absolutly love this yoyo.

There is a reason Suzuki put his name on it!

And there is still some left.


Equilateral is LEGIT. I’m loving it. I actually really dislike YYF based on quite a few past throws, but this one is changing my mind a little. It shot to my top 8 case immediately. I’d even put it over the Cascade, which is also very good.


Skip the hubstacks if you REALLY want one with hubstacks buy grind machine.


if you want a yyf yoyo then look on the bst thread i just ordered a mint silver 888x for 40$


Branch out of YYF and give some other companies a try. The General Yo KLR is absolutely amazing. If you can find a G Squared Albatross pick it up, you will not regret it. Finally, there is the One Drop Cascade. Those would be my top three recommendations. Not only are they great yo-yos but I would consider them the top three of 2012.

If you don’t mind a 2011 model, the One Drop Burnside is an incredible player and retails at a relatively inexpensive price of $85.

I would have also recommended the Toxic Hazmat but you said you didn’t want fast. The Hazmat is brilliant but speedy, even with heavier Side Effects, so it wouldn’t fit your criteria.

All five of those are yo-yos I play on a regular basis. I basically just gave you my short list of grab and carry yo-yos that I take with me where ever I go.


The Equilateral is good, I’d say one of their best ever. But, I’m liking the Anglam a lot more. It’s like if you added the titanium ring, lost the mirror cap and include a KK, there ya go, the Equilateral II, major competitive butt-kicker. Since the titanium isn’t that heavy, it adds a little heft at the rim, gives it a more solid feel and gives things a tiny bit more momentum.

I don’t understand why the Equilateral is going to be a limited run. This one has serious potential. It’s priced well below what it should be, plays WELL above what it sells for. These are values that we all want anyways. If they can keep that price low like that, this should have the potential to fly off shelves. It could almost be like the CLYW or OD for YYF.


I heard Battosai is very smooth. How is Battosai?


I have one. It’s very smooth. I find my Sky Walker to be a bit smoother. I feel this is largely due to the shape of the Sky Walker fitting me better and making it easier to throw straighter and level.