I’m going to be getting a free YYF yoyo and am trying to figure out which one to get. I currently have a OneDrop 54 and think it’s great. It’s a yoyo that I will never get rid of. I’d like to feel the same way about my new yoyo. So far, I’ve tried the 888x (I wasn’t that impressed. I would much rather play with the 54) and the G5 (liked this one a lot! The one I used was crazy loud. That combined with the spinning colors made it feel like throwing a little circus or something. I also liked the shape and how stable it was). Those are the only 2 YYF yoyo’s that I have had access to. Any other ideas? Anyone have a favorite YYF that they will never get rid of?

do u want a yyf with hubstacks cuz the g5 has z stacks and those are typically loud… if u get a g5 u can put regular hubstacks on it and then its vibe free smooth and silent…

Ha, are you sure any? Free? How? Just wondering.

Cause if YYF by any chance is giving you any free YYF yoyo, I’d like the say a Catch 22. Or a Catch 13.

Other than those extreme ones, the MVP. The MVP has an odd shape like the Catch 22 though. Not too comfortable.

You might wanna get the most price worthy one, then trade it for a lot more of yoyo’s.

I’ve heard that the Skyline and Superstar are just overpriced and don’t play as well as cheaper yoyo’s.

I would say Rockstar or Supernova.

Well any that YYF currently has available. Me and my boys go to this local toy store and yoyo a bunch. They asked us to come in periodically and help out with the yoyos (teaching tricks, tying slip knots, cutting strings to the right size for kids, etc.) and they offered to give me a yoyo. I pick it out and they put it on their next order. But since it’s a gift from some really nice people, I’m probably not going to want to trade/sell it later on.

I like the z stacks on the G5. I can actually catch them and do tricks with them. I can’t really do anything with the small hubstacks, so not really that interested in those. I don’t necessarily need super smooth and silent. I have that with my 54. But if it was as smooth as my 54, but was different/interesting in some other way, that would be good.

Rockstar or Supernova.

superstars are great yoyos. The reason it costs a lot is the material its made of which makes it super durable. It plays great, but it comes up to preference though.
And really, why limit yourself to yoyofactory gsw. Can they not get any from any other manufacturers. Also can you tell us your preferences? We might be able to give you better advice that way.

hmm well if u want a g5 go for it there great… but for a non hubstacked yyf i say mvp

It’s what they sell. They’re mainly a toy store. They just got into yoyos so they only carry one brand. That might change later, but for now that’s what they sell.

For preference, it’s hard to say because I really haven’t tried out to many yoyo’s. I’ve tried out the Protostar (it’s fine, I like how stable it is, but I’d like something nicer), the Northstar (same), the Popstar (for what it is, it’s quite fun), the Duncan Raptor (this one is fun. I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy this one a lot), the 888x (it was fine, but I’d rather play with my 54), the DV888 (again, nothing special. Actually I think the size is interesting, but I’d rather play with the Raptor. Maybe if there was something similar to the Raptor, but the size of the DV888…), the G5 (that one’s pretty fun too. I like the shape, the stability, and the crazy loud, colorful zstacks), the Superwide (didn’t get to play with it very much. I couldn’t think of a lot of tricks to do, so I just did a bunch of eli hops. But I did have fun with it.), and my 54 (my favorite by far). I actually threw the Rockstar a couple of times but didn’t really get to try it out very much.

I guess I’m looking for something fun that I probably won’t want to get rid of in the future. A yoyo that has something special that maybe I wouldn’t be able to get in another yoyo. One thing I would kind of like is something more tilt resistant than my 54. But I’m really just wondering if there’s been a YYF yoyo that right when you first threw it, you said to yourself ‘Hey! This is a great yoyo!’ Because that’s how I felt with my 54 and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.

If I can’t find anything better, I’ll probably go with the G5. I was just curious if there was anything else special from YoyoFactory that I should look at. I like how the MVP looks. Do you know if it’s available right now?

ummm well on yye they have life a few solid green ones but i think the black rimed with colored hub looks way better… u can probley find them pretty much any site… umm the primo, mvp, supernova, rockstar are all amazing and dont have hubstacks.

Supernova, Severe, or Genesis.

I’m a BUGE fan of the BOSS and I feel it is highly under rated.

Superstars are good just take of the hubstacks. The MVP play better though even if it is a bot awkward.

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I’ve had my superstar for almost a year now, and it is still one of my favorite yoyos. It’s beat horribly, but it still plays as smooth as when i first got it. I would highly recommend this yoyo!

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My favorite throw is my YYF Boss. From the first time I threw it, I loved it. If you weren’t really impressed by the 888x though, the Boss might not be anything special to you either, because they are shaped a lot alike. Another YYF throw I really like is the Genesis. It’s probably my second favorite throw at the moment.

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If you want a yoyo you can use as a beater superstar is for you. When I tried a supernova lite I really liked it but couldn’t afford it at the time, so that might be good. You say you like the size of the DV888 so undersized might be good but sadly the only undersized/small yoyofactory yoyos I’ve used are the 44 clash, and the big deal and I wouldn’t recommend either. You may like the really wide yoyos they have, as I have a steamroller and really like the size, so those might be fun and they are almost undersized.

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hmm maybey a 44 special its undersized and has a nice smooth rounded shape and it has hubstacks, its basically a 888x but the 888x ive heard doesnt have very good anodize… the 44 special tho has a deep anodize which is what it says… but there only like 9 left in stock forever

Aww… Can’t you get a CLWY?

Anyway I would say trade and get a CLWY… If you don’t want to, get Supernova or MVP. They are by far best YYF’s IMO.

If you like larger yoyo’s super star. Smaller, probably the g5, both are really good and smooth

i say for u get a g5 it will not dissapoint, and for a non hubstacked i say maybey one of the new 2012 rockstars or a mvp…