Best YYF yoyo?

which yoyo is the best? POPstar, starlite, northstar, protostar. This is your opinion dont say o all are good yoyos. just say wat u think is the best and why

personally i like the 2010 severe the most cause i like the shape and feel

all those plastics you named are similar and play well, I like them all popstar much smaller. My fav YYF is a primo. buy a great bearing and most yo’s are great!

Boss, no doubt.

Supernova best yoyo I own

There is no best in any yoyo.


Im pretty sure by “best yyf yoyo” he means “according to your personal style and prefrence what in your opinion is the best yyf yoyo?”

I’ve been retraining my brain to think that everyone knows there’s no such thing as the “BEST” yoyo, just one that FITS YOUR STYLE THE BEST. So mingfu if you really want to know if your going to like a yoyo, compare it to yoyo’s you already have that you love. Example: I love how smooth my 888x is, so when I go to buy a yoyo, I compare its smoothness to my 888x.

The reccomendations section should have questions like “I really enjoy stable undersized yoyos with lots of rimweight, a good grinding surface and that’s fast on the string. therefore in your opinion which yyf yoyos have what I’m looking for?” That question is much more specific and will get you a lot better answers than “whats the best yyf yoyo” (how can you know which is the best if everyone says different??? cause it comes down to personal style)


Genesis, SuperStar, Primo.
3 Best YoYos Known to Man, Im not even Joking. ;D

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Yuuksta. Small, stable, floaty. Plays best with a KonKave.

idk cause I don;t own any high end yyf. But i do know that dv888 is great and people even said they prefer dv888 over skyline or dv888 over superstar

I own a ProtoStar and a Yuuksta. They are both good yoyos, but I prefer my Yuuksta overall for long spin time and great grinds.

I would beg to differ. That is just what you think. MKII, Raptor, and Hitman I think are the best yoyos know to man, but you don’t. That goes to prove that there is no best yoyo of all.

The only YYF factory that I can say may be one of the best for me is 08 888.

hmmm raptor and hitman? how about raptor compared to a genesis? or hitman compared to spyy pro?

well a hitman can be better than a spyy pro
it depends on preferances
personally i have a yuuksta new breed and maverick and i seem to use my maverick more idk y i just like it…

Wow I’m really the first person to say DNA? It’s the only yyf yoyo that’s impressed the pants off me

You clearly need to try more yoyos…


oh well that may just be you. could you explain why?

idk it just plays good the bearing cleaned and the pads are worn ouut and now unresponsive and idk
i just happen to play with it more

None. 1drop/CLYW.

Guys calm down. I didnt Actually mean they are the best at all. I know that there isnt a best yoyo and its all preference and opinions. What I meant was that they are the my 3 favorite yoyos and I think that they are Amazing. :wink: