Favorite YYF yoyo

Mines is a tie between a Superstar or a Skyline

what do u like?


The Superstar is my favorite YYF for sure.


888 (thats the only one I have)

I have a Skyline, dv888, and Tactic. From those, I CANNOT decide between my dv888 and Skyline.

The only YoYoFactory I like is the Superstar.

(^_^) Kirby congratulates you on your 6000th post!

I like the Severe, Primo, Genesis, Superstar, G5+, Loop900, Pocket Change, MVP, Skyline, GM2, and many others.

Yeah, what my favorite yoyos are. The ones I can think of right now are the Severe (10 and 09), Primo, Genesis, Protostar, 888x, DNA, Superstar, MVP, C13, Boss, and a bunch of others. I love Yoyofactory.

888x and GM2

Well since there’s really only 2 or 3 yoyos sold as many differently-named yoyos…

C13 was nice. PGM is probably my favorite though.

This may seem strange to some but I think my favorite YYF is the F.A.S.T 201.


highly mod-able? :wink:

i like genesis to the fullest.

i like 2010 severe just amazing

I love my Lunatic.

YYF yoyyos I own are: Lunatic, MVP, Genesis, Loop 720, Loop 900.
All of them are pretty nice!!
I like the smoothness of Genesis but for my small hands, Lunatic matches better.

I really want to have Protege. When will it be released??

I essentially traded my Superstar for a Skyline (it was a little more convoluted, there were three people involved, but basically) and I’ve never regretted it. That being said the only other YYF’s I’ve played are a Mighty Flea and some Loop720s, so I don’t have the widest range of experience. Still, Skyline.

Ive tried many different yyf and my favorites are protostar and skyline

So far the only YYF yoyo I’ve tried is my Chaotic, but I am seriously enjoying it.

protostar so far