What YoYo(s) Should I Get???

Hey guys, this is my first post, and I was wondering what yoyos I should get. I just got a ProtoStar, and I want to get a new yoyo in a couple months, and was wondering which ones. I’m looking for YoYoFactory, and the best ones. Tell me about YOUR favorite YYF yoyos. I don’t care about price. Thanks. ;D

Price ain’t a factor? YoYoFactory? No need for our help really. There is no best yoyo. No best brand, bearing etc. And YYF isn’t the only factory that is great but I can tell why you chose YYF. There are many yoyo’s that aren’t YYF but can perform as well if not better as a YYF. Becareful about being a single branded fan boy because there are people in YYE forums that can hurt you…emotionally if you tell them. So for a YYF fanboy:
Many more

But if you relax and let go, for a non- YYF fan boy:
Mad House YoYo’s
Spyy Pro
Spyy Supra
Wooly Marmot

There are at least 100 more yoyo’s that are open to you and I don’t think anyone will be able to name all of them in one post.

I ain’t any hater or mean guy (not trying to be mean) but when you don’t tell your size, weight, feel, play etc preferences, it’'s hard for us to choose.
Please don’t take this offensive, think about this as construtive critism.

what is your preference because there are a lot of YYF

well, if price isnt a factor, then these are my my suggestions:
high price:
fast:skyline 125$
slow: superstar (my fav yoyo with center track)
middle price:
fast: 888x
slow: genesis hubstack
low price:
the only one i would consider is a dv888
I also agree that yoyofactory is a very good brand, but there are some good smaller ones like spyy

You should consider CLYW or SPYY or any other brand. Even does Russian brands that noone knows about. They rock every other yoyo in YYF. And again, preference please: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?topic=27228.0

Sorry, I forgot to add something. What is YOUR GUYS’ favorite YYF yoyos, and why? How do they perform? That’s what I meant. Sorry.

Sorry for all the changes, but I’m mainly looking at Genesis, G5, or 888x

i would say genisis

or the boss

O.K., well my preference would be the Genesis Hubstacked, G5 and the 888x. I can’t tell. Hahaha but seriouly my favorite is everything.

888x is good but get it if you like the size shape floaty yoyo’s dont buy it for the stacks cause you’ll get tire of them quick. genesis if you like full sized heavy feel throws. yuuksta or dv888 if you want something in between. i prefer dv888 over 888x, and yuuksta over dv888. not saying one is better then the other thats just what i like.

Yeah, I’m just looking for my first metal, my only metal is a Yomega Dash, and that doesn’t really count. I have a PGM, and the stacks got boring pretty quick. Is the Genesis + stacks worth the extra money? The colors ARE pretty cool.

O.K. guys, I don’t know how many times I’ve posted this, but I’ll post it again:
Hubstacks are fun and annoying. You will always at sometime get fed up of the hubstacks for sure. For Sure. FOR SURE, yeah, you’ll get fed up of hubstacks. Don’t just think, ripstarting hubstacks and doing a gyro stall would be cool cause when you get your PGM2:
1st day: 300 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
2nd day: Still fun, learning hubstack tricks, 300 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
3rd day: O.K. enough ripping and stalling, get down to string tricks, 50 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
4th day: Hmm, vibe in the stacks cause the yoyo wobble and vibe, affecting some tricks, 10 Rippings…
5th day: BACK TO STACKS, 150 ripstarts and gyrostalls
6th day: O.K. Now lets grind, arm grind, good, finger, good, thumb, dang, stacks in the way…
7th day: Now what? Hmmm…Stacks cause vibe, lets take them off! Wait, then I need nubs…PAY MONEY
8th day: What a waste of stacks…Like now really, I am kinda regreting…

No, after looking at all this info, what do you think if Genesis Stacked is wortht the money.

Why the preoccupation with YYF?
YYF is good but save some money and get yourself a OneDrop Y-Factor.
Or spend the extra money and get either a OneDrop 54; a CLYW Gnarwhal or an Avalanche.

I would totally agree with that. I’d rather get some money and get a Y-Factor, OD 54, and any of the CLYW or SPYY or OneDrop yoyo’s.

OK. I’m a fast player, and I don’t really want to spend more than $100. And I was asking you guys what YOUR FAVORITE YYF YOYOS ARE, and then maybe I could see why you like them, and buy it on that basis.

Each person has their own preference though.
But my favorite YYF would be the Catch 22.