Which Yo-Yo should I get?

So I have got a DV888 and a shutter so I wanted to see what else I should buy. I have up to $110 to spend so here is my list.

  • Superstar
  • Genesis
  • SuperNova
  • Horizion
    Note: You can recommend any Yo-Yo within the price range.

What do you like in a yoyo?

Horizon. It’s just as good as any of your other choices, if not better, for way less money. Plus, you could get a shutter, too H.O.T, ect. While staying under your budget. Just keep in mind, the horizon is pretty big.


I’m personally not a huge fan of oversized yoyos (pun intended), so personally I would steer clear of the horizon. I own a Superstar, genesis, and supernova. I like how the superstar plays the most, but I feel like the genesis is more comfortable. Supernova I’m not a huge fan of, mainly because of the shape. Keep in mind, I personally don’t find a HUGE difference in the performance between these 3, OR the shutter in fact, so really pick whichever you like the shape of, or even go by color. Just my opinion.

side note, I would also recommend getting a popstar if you have money left over. IMO, best training yoyo under $30. It REALLY helped me learn tricks like ladder escape, hour glass, and spirit bomb. Naturally it will also help you fine tune your accuracy.

Try another brand you don’t know what you’re missing


I don’t know why somebody would want to limit their choices to just yoyofactory there are so many other great companies especially with $110 budget. I would definitely look at one drops line up and see what matches your taste from the descriptions on yoyoexpert.

I agree with going for other brands. Some of my favorite throws are inexpencive, non-yyf throws, like the c3 halo, and spyy supra. what i do not agree with is the descriptions on yye. every single one of them claims every yoyo on the market is “a breakthrough” or “best for the price” or “a must have”. I would recommend using the search function and reading reviews from buyers.

Yeah, most YYF doesn’t interest me, but you aren’t exactly missing out with a Genesis.

Well I want a yoyo that’s smooth on the string, easy to get on the string and is stable. Other things also include how long it can spin for, comfort in hand and aesthetics, but to me, these things aren’t as important.

Sorry, but I never limited to just yyf. It’s just a preference list and I said you could recommend anything that wasn’t on the list. I have looked into one drop and other companies, but I find I like yyf yoyo’s a little bit better.


I see what you mean. What I feel like is that some other companies’ yoyos are either a hit or a miss, while I feel as if yyf’s are all atleast above average. I’ve never played a bad yyf, but I can’t say the same for some other companies. Also, with yoyos like the G-funk, shutter, horizon, and a few others, you don’t have to pay over $120ish for a good yoyo. clyw? good luck.

Ok so out of my list, people have said horizon and genesis. Now is the hardest part, which one is better?

Shutter is faster and cheaper, Genesis is slower, more powerful, and about double the price. Personally, I would steer away from hubstacks unless that’s something you really want. I would say get the superstar or genesis. speed isn’t too important to me.

Forget the Horizon and Shutter, get a Northstar! Absolutely love mine, way better than my Shutter (IMO). And the Northstar has been used to win Worlds too! :wink:

Ok thanks for the help so far. My final question is should I get the genesis 2012 edition or genesis hubstack but get some z stacks?

I highly suggest against z-stacks. they slow down the yoyo even more than regular hubstacks. I would say the one with no hubstacks at all. If hubstacks are something you REALLY want, just know that they do reduce performance slightly, not nearly as much as z stacks.

Ok so you recommend the 2012 edition of genesis?